Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Minnesota Thanksgiving Memories

We would wake up early Thanksgiving morn to special kitchen sounds.
Mom was preparing to roast the stuffed turkey until it was golden brown.
The kitchen looked like a surgical suite with knives and utensils galore.
There were potatoes to peel, pies to be cut and cranberries from the store.

“It’s cereal for you my boys,” she said, “and then you can play outdoors.
But first get dressed and help your dad finish the morning chores.
Gather the eggs and feed the chickens; dress warm; its cold out today.
After breakfast there will be time to go outside and play.”

We had a big barn with hay stored up top to feed our livestock cattle.
We played war in hay-bale mountains winning many a battle.
After the hay was cleared on one end, we created a basketball court.
Minnesota boys playing in the barn enjoying a winter sport.

The weather may be chilling outside but the livestock kept the barn warm.
Inside the lighted basketball hoop; outside a white winter storm.
Grandpa and Grandma arrived before noon to join the celebration.
Aunts and uncles and cousins would come to stay for the day’s duration.

Uncle Jack would play basketball with the older girls and boys.
The basketball court up in the barn was filled with joyful noise.
Dad and Grandpa and Uncle Bob would watch the Macy’s parade,
While Mom and Lois, Eldora and Grandma prepared a feast homemade.

Pretty soon we would hear the call that it was time to enjoy the feast.
Grandpa would pray thanking the Lord for blessings that had increased.
Then we would eat an incredible meal of turkey, potatoes and gravy,
Yams, green beans and cranberry sauce with flavor tart and savory.

The parents would talk about the pies and decide to serve it later.
All the cousins would go outside to show their skill as skaters.
Home-made ice rinks are easy to make in a cold Minnesota clime.
Ice skates and hockey are a great way to enjoy the winter time.

After some skating the tables were cleared and games set out to play.
Many a fierce Monopoly game took place on Thanksgiving Day.
Some played dominos, the girls played Rummy, and some would read a book,
But my favorite game (and it’s not for dummies) is a game called Rook.

Somewhere in the middle of all this wonderful family activity
The moms would serve the various pies, which only enhanced the festivity.
Pie and turkey and left over feast were laid out for the taking.
We would eat and indulge ourselves until our stomach was aching.

Grandpa and Grandma, Mom and Dad, Aunt Lois and Uncle Jack,
Bob and Eldora, Cherrie and Bobbie and Sheila coming last,
Brian and Greg and Bradley Todd, my infant baby brother,
What a blessing to have a family that loves and enjoys each other!

The years have passed and were far apart but our memories are alive.
Each year we recall them affectionately when the holidays arrive.
So here’s a greeting to all my kin with love from the depths of my heart.
I remember you warmly with love today even though we’re miles apart.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Power of Common Sense

Proverbs 19

O what a blessing is common sense as you walk your path each day.
Here are some proverbs Solomon gave to keep you from going astray.

1 Passion and zeal are important cogs in the wheel of success, but
Without knowledge as the top dog, zeal creates a mess.

3 Many a man has ruined his life because of his own foolish deeds.
Then he blames God for hardship and strife in his time of need.

4 If you are rich or rule from the throne, you will have many friends,
But if you are poor; going it alone, their desire for friendship ends.

8 He who loves wisdom loves his own soul. He enjoys peace within.
He who is foolish and out of control will look back on life with chagrin.

9 Nobody likes a liar, my friend. Your friendship brings only pain.
So bring your lying to a quick end if friendships you would sustain.

11 A man of discretion with self control is a very rare man indeed.
He is mature enough to forgive a soul for their foolish misdeed.

13 A son for a fool is a father’s ruin as is a quarrelsome wife.
Parents and child are not in tune with God who could change their life.

15 Lazy people sleep very well especially when they are younger.
Unless this bad habit they dispel, they will certainly suffer hunger.

17 He who has pity on the poor is one who lends to the Lord.
God will repay what he has given and add a generous reward.

19 Hot-tempered people must pay the price. You must make them face the facts.
If you rescue once, you will rescue twice because of their foolish acts.

26 Woe to the man who robs his father; encumbers his mother with debt.
With failure and trouble throughout his life, he is forever beset.

27 Learn to listen to wise instruction. From wisdom do not depart.
This is the way to preserve your life, bring peace and joy to your heart.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prescriptions for Success or Failure

Proverbs 18

1 An unfriendly fellow does his own thing ignoring common sense.
The space between his two deaf ears is empty and immense.

2 Fools don’t see the other man’s thought; they love to talk and opine.
They fail to see the things they ought, for the eyes of their heart are blind.

4 Wise words are scarce; in deep waters buried, difficult to find,
So cherish the wisdom that flows forth from the wise man’s mind.

5 You can’t be partial to the transgressor and punish the righteous man.
Let’s see you try to explain it to God. I’d like to see if you can.

7 The mouth of a fool is his undoing, his lips a snare to his soul.
8 Each morsel of gossip he is reviewing eradicates self control.

9 The lazy employee slothful in toil is brother to one who tears down.
For failing to till his spiritual soil, he forfeits heaven’s crown.

10 The name of the Lord is my strong tower. Through Him I am secure.
Though demons attack with spiritual power, in Him I am safe and sure.

12 Before I was humbled I was proud, for I was a special guy.
Then I stumbled and with head bowed, I wished that I could die.

Humility always precedes honor; the humble get God’s attention.
In my pride I was a goner, but now I have comprehension.

13 To speak before knowing all the facts will make one look like a fool.
Once you talk or too quickly act, there is nothing you can do.

19 An offended brother is hard to win back. He puts up walls of defense.
So bring a halt to your wordy attack and return to common sense.

21 The tongue has the power of life and death, of healing or corruption.
Those who love it will it will eat its fruit, for blessing or destruction.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Proverbs 17--Wise Words to Live By

Proverbs 17

1 Better dry bread all the days of your life
Than eating your fill in a house of strife.

2 He who is wise and serves his boss well
Will rule over all the employed personnel.

5 To insult the poor is to mock their Creator
Who settles the score sooner or later.

6 Grandkids bring joy to doting grandparents
When generational pride is readily apparent.

9 Love shines forth when forgiveness is there,
But simmering anger divides a pair.

10 Well-spoken reproofs to the wise as a rule
Works better than beating the back of a fool.

13 If you want to live in fear and dread
Repay good deeds with evil instead.

14 To pick a fight is to open the gate,
So stop your wrangling before it’s too late.

15 If you put the innocent to the sword,
Prepare to face the wrath of the Lord.

17 A friend is loyal in word and deed,
A brother who helps in time of need.

22 A cheerful spirit like medicine’s strong dose
Prevents me from living sad and morose

27 A truly wise person employs few words.
He stops to think before he is heard.

28 Even a fool is thought to be smart
If he keeps his thoughts and his mouth apart.

What wisdom Solomon has to impart
For the humble and wise to take to heart.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Living with Purpose in Life

Proverbs 16

1 To man belong the plans of the heart. He ponders them in his mind.
God sees them all right from the start; determines them every time.

2 Each man thinks his motives are pure and justifies his desire.
God, who knows our hearts for sure, will test them in life’s fire.

3 To commit one’s plans unto the Lord is important for all to do.
Wisdom and strength shall be your reward; He will carry you through.

5 The Lord is not pleased with the proud of heart and their defiant spirit.
Wisdom and honor He cannot impart, for pompous men won’t hear it.

7 When a man’s ways are pleasing to Him, God’s grace will only increase.
Trials may come strong and grim, but ultimately he will see peace.

10 The lips of the king must be true and fair, for he speaks from heaven above.
Justice and honor he must declare as he rules with wisdom and love.

12 The Lord demands accurate scales. A king should never cheat.
How could you respect a king marked by lies and deceit?

17 The pathway of the righteous man leaves evil far behind.
How good it is to spend our life span righteously inclined.

22 Discretion is like a bubbling fountain to wise men who possess it.
The ignorant fool in his time of need is too lazy to address it.

28 Agitators sow seeds of strife; their gossip separates friends.
With wicked hearts they walk through life never making amends.

31 If you advanced to gray hair age, that’s a very good thing.
Living for God at every stage will honor and blessing bring.

Once again we come to the end of additional sets of instruction.
Every day we have to spend enhance our character construction.

Waste no time on wood, hay, or stubble; construct a house that will stand.
Build your life with heaven in mind fulfilling the Master Plan.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Learning to Walk with God

Proverbs 15

1 Have you ever expressed angst when a matter made you mad?
You felt your spirit sadly tank knowing that you have been had.

2 O how we need to control the tongue using it for gain,
An unruly tongue can come undone inflicting heartache and pain.

4 A healing tongue will bring life; that’s how it should be used,
But it is a fire of evil and strife when allowed to lie and accuse.

9 The Lord is not pleased with wicked men who love to scheme and plot.
10 Rejecting correction again and again, punishment is their lot.

13 A joyful heart makes your face bright, but sadness crushes the soul.
If you make God your daily delight, He will keep you whole.

15 All the days of those oppressed are wretched as can be.
Better to be by God possessed—on that we all agree.

16 I may not have much in worldly wealth, but treasure in heaven awaits.
Riches are mine and eternal health the moment I enter His gates.

25 The Lord tears down the house of the proud, the widow He protects.
To abuse the widow is disallowed if ever you would be blessed.

31 Listen, my friend, with a humble heart to thoughts that are well advised.
It will give you a blessed head start on the journey to become wise.

32 If you reject God’s discipline, you only harm yourself.
Failing to surrender to Him will put you aside on the shelf.

33 Reverence for God is an apt beginning, for it will make you strong
Granting power to stop the sinning; forgive you for all past wrongs.

Humility comes before honor bestowed, obedience before the glory.
O God, through me let your Spirit flow. May that be my earthly story.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Way of the Fool

Proverbs 14

1 She who is wise builds her home with truth and love as her stand.
The foolish woman is sadly prone to destroy it by her own hand.

4 Without oxen the stable is clean, but it’s tragic to say the least.
Without an ox to turn the soil there is no food or feast.

7 Stay away from fools, my friend; receive this very wise tip,
You will see clearly in the end stupidity flows from his lips.

8 The prudent person plans ahead. He knows what he has to do.
The fool needs others to be fed; he doesn’t think things through.

9 The sinner shrugs off the guilt within; there is no transformation.
Godly people acknowledge their sin; seek reconciliation.

12 There is a way that seems right to a man but ends in terrible death.
I will be thankful for God’s plan when I draw my final breath.

14 Both backslider and the good man will get what they deserve
So I will seek out God’s game plan as recorded in His Word.

15 Naïve fools believe what they hear. The discerning man thinks it through.
Since he is known by his peers, he bids each fool adieu.

16 A hot-headed man is foolish indeed. No one respects a schemer.
Remove yourself with lightning speed from silly intemperate dreamers.

21 He who despises his neighbor sins, but he who is kind is blessed.
Generously pour out your love and favor. You will enjoy sweet rest.

23 Earnest hard work produces great gain, but fools are known by their talk.
The diligent rise to a higher plane while others complain and gawk.

30 A heart at peace gives life and health but jealousy rots the bones.
Give me honor instead of wealth; then take me to heaven’s home.

34 Godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a great disgrace.
God help us see our awful estate. O call us to seek Your face.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, November 8, 2010

Pithy Proverbs for Personal Practice

Proverbs 13

1A wise son heeds his father’s instruction. The scoffer never learns.
He is headed for self destruction, a matter of grave concern.

3If you learn to guard your tongue, you will improve your life.
Hasty words carelessly flung are followed by anger and strife.

4The sluggard craves material treasure, yet he ends up poor.
He who places work before pleasure will be blessed and secure.

5Godliness guards the righteous man because he loves God’s Word.
Those who are evil scoff at this plan; their selfishness is preferred.

9A godly life is like a bright lamp reflecting heaven’s pure light.
The evil man will find himself camped in eternity’s darkest night.

11Stay away from get-rich schemes; your money will fade away.
Make saving your prudent money theme and you will win the day.

12Hope deferred makes a heart sick so put action to your dreams.
A house is built brick upon brick until the dream you redeem.

15Common sense will guide a man with careful, constructive deduction.
The impulsive man without a plan is headed for certain destruction.

18He who refuses sage direction inherits only disgrace.
He who listens with reflection creates for himself a place.

21Trouble chases sinners, my friend, and it never loses a race.
Blessings and honor come without end to those who seek God’s face.

22A good man leaves an inheritance for generations yet to come.
The best inheritance you can leave is to show them what God has done.

Some leave money, houses, and land; items cherished from youth,
But there is no greater legacy than a life of love and truth.

24The scripture says to spare the rod is the same as hating your son.
To fail to teach him love and respect is to leave the job half done.

These wise proverbs Solomon wrote to help us think more clearly.
Though they serve well as a pithy quote, it’s best to live them sincerely.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Striking Words of Wisdom

Proverbs 12

An intelligent man can still be stupid. Would you like to know when?
Every time he refuses correction, he starts all over again.

The worthy wife is a husband’s delight, the glory of his home.
A contentious woman doth trouble incite, she’s cancer to his bones.

The plans of the godly are just and fair; the wicked are full of deceit.
So do your business with those who care; steer clear of those who cheat.

A wise man is praised by others, perverse men are despised.
Be sure your friends are godly brothers. Perversity is not advised.

A righteous man cares for his stock. He especially loves his pet.
The man without kindness for his flock will find his Maker upset.

The industrious farmer working his land will have plenty to eat.
Hunger and the lazy dreamer are very sure to meet.

Words of wisdom and tasks not shirked will bring rewards so true.
Very few die from overwork, so don’t be a lazy fool.

Truthful words stand the test of time. Dishonesty is soon exposed.
The righteous please the Great Divine, but liars He will oppose.

A discerning man of learning will not flaunt his superior mind.
The foolish man, his pea brain churning, is never so inclined.

Even a fool if he holds his tongue will often be thought wise,
But sure as there is breath in his lungs, he will reveal his disguise.

When worry becomes a consuming fear, a man needs a special friend
To stand alongside as he perseveres from beginning to the end.

The lazy man will shoot his game but fail to prepare a meal.
God’s love for creation forever remains; how do you think He feels?

The way of the godly leads to joy that does not end with his death.
The heavenly future he will enjoy will take away his breath.

So listen dear friends, be wise to God’s Word. Joy and peace they impart.
No greater wisdom will ever be heard, so plant them deep in your heart.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Contrast of Right and Wrong

Proverbs 11

The Lord is not pleased with fraudulent scales; dishonesty He detests.
Be fair and upright in all your sales and you will pass His test.

Riches won’t help on Judgment Day. You might as well hold your breath.
So honor God in all your ways; be saved from eternal death.

When good people trust in God, His Word will be their guide.
If selfish ambition runs roughshod, it turns the truth aside.

With his mouth the godless man defames his innocent neighbor.
If this becomes your personal plan, do not expect God’s favor.

The integrity of the godly man will help his city thrive,
But when the wicked control the land, it’s difficult to survive.

A gossip betrays a confidence; he cannot control his tongue.
Be done with him; run away, for surely you will be stung.

For lack of guidance a nation falls. Be sure you have good advisors.
From foolish counsel disaster spews forth, a strong and relentless geyser.

The Lord despises the perverse, but He loves the righteous man.
When your casket is in the hearse, what then will be your plan?

The wicked will not go unpunished; of this you can be sure.
Eternal glory awaits the righteous, the one who kept his way pure.

A generous man gives freely indeed and yet he gains still more.
Another withholds from those in need. Soon he himself is poor.

Godliness is freely expressed when the generous gives to others.
Some day he may find himself blessed by godly sisters and brothers.

The righteous person is like a tree rooted and grounded in love.
Be a soul-winner, for wise is he who prepares for heaven above.

Treasure these proverbs; bury them deep. Don’t let them get away.
It’s time to awake from life’s dull sleep and live for God each day.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Instructions for Daily Living

Proverbs 10

A wise man makes his father glad; this is an admirable thing.
The foolish makes his mother sad; his shame is a constant sting.

Money gained by wicked deeds cannot purchase respect,
But when righteousness proceeds, it has the opposite effect.

The godly man will always eat, for he belongs to the Lord.
Frustration reigns o’er those who cheat. They will receive no reward.

If you are lazy listen to this: You can expect to be poor.
Slothfulness is never bliss: this you can know for sure.

The wise man works hard in the summer fields gathering the crops.
The sluggard sleeps in, stupidity creeps in and all the blessings stop.

The godly receive His blessings. Many good memories have they.
The life of the wicked is distressing. His memory will fade away.

The wise man receives instruction; the fool just babbles away.
Integrity will avoid destruction; dishonesty leads you astray.

The earnings of the godly man will bless him without and within.
The ill-gotten gain of the evil man is squandered away in sin.

Hiding hatred makes you a liar, to slander makes you a fool.
He who is wise has a desire to live by the Golden Rule.

The words of the godly encourage many. Often their word will rule.
Don’t speak at all if you lack common sense, for you will be labeled a fool.

When the storms of life blow hard, the wicked are whirled away,
But the righteous man has a sure foundation. He is here to stay.

Fear of the Lord lengthens your life; wickedness cuts it short.
A life devoid of sin and strife is the kind of life I support.

There are many very wise proverbs found in this wonderful book
So why not open your family Bible and take a discerning look?

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, November 1, 2010

Principles for Success

Proverbs 6

Many snares will trap a man and slowly cause him to smother.
One of them is when you agree to pay the debts of another.

If you have signed for another’s debt with your name on the dotted line,
You have created a lingering threat that may last a very long time.

Take my advice and don’t waste time, get off that debt load now.
You must not rest until it is done. Work hard to find a way how.

Many could learn from the ant these days about the rewards of hard work.
The ant does not lounge in a hazy daze scheming to gain more perks.

He labors all summer gathering food to prepare for winter’s blast.
He is prepared for all that ensues until the cold weather has passed.

But you, O sluggard, lie on your bed thinking others should feed you.
You should be working every day to care for your kids who need you.

“A little slumber, a little more sleep, a folding of hands to rest.”
That’s a philosophy of deceit that surely will fail life’s test.

There are six things that provoke the Lord. His anger shall rise like a flood:
Haughty eyes, a lying tongue and hands that shed innocent blood.

A wicked schemer, a dissolute man who is quick to embrace what is wrong;
A corrupt witness whose lying tongue continually sings a false song.

Wait, there’s one more; here’s number seven: God hates a contentious man
Who continually stirs up angry dissension any old way he can.

Well, my son, there is much to learn as we walk this journey on earth.
Working hard for what you earn will give you a sense of self worth.

Being an honest and humble man with industrious resolution
Is God’s clear and successful plan for your social contribution.

Bind these thoughts around your neck; bury them deep in your heart,
For honor, blessings, peace, and joy such wisdom will surely impart.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Father's Instruction about Love and Sex

Proverbs 5

What I have to say, my son, will make my face quite red,
But I need to say it clear; it is what God has said.
Listen closely, pay attention; the topic is complex.
God has given for husband and wife the wonderful gift of sex.

There are women in the world with lips as sweet as honey
Who pervert the gift God gave in exchange for money.
Foolish men seek them out for momentary pleasure
Surrendering honor and respect while squandering their treasure.

Rejecting truth, embracing sin with attitude so haughty,
They find themselves diseased within—both in mind and body.
They cry in anguish in the end, their hearts are filled with pain;
Addictive drugs and pornography rule o’er them unrestrained.

Find the wife God has for you. Give her all your love.
Your sexual union is God’s gift given from heaven above.
Each is a well of love for the other so keep it sweet and pure.
Reserving yourself only for the other makes your love endure.

Remember the beauty of your wife; give her lots of praise.
Tell her how she thrills your soul; sets your heart ablaze.
Honor her and care for her; walk with her in truth.
Satisfy your loving desire with the wife of your youth.

The Lord sees all that happens to men watching the paths they take.
The foolish are trapped again and again by the decisions they make.
Many surrender eternal life pursuing this worldly role.
How sad it is to embrace the lie only to lose your soul!

Take heed, my son, these words are true. Let wisdom rule in your heart.
Let understanding carry you through with direction it will impart.
Talk with God, seek His face; serve Him all of your days,
For there are present and future rewards for all who walk in His ways.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Father's Advice to His Son

Proverbs 4

When I was still my father’s son, my mother’s little boy,
I learned truths when I was young, truths I still employ.

My father taught me about my heart, about its disposition;
How I must stay true to God to keep it in submission.

He taught the value of God’s Word for wisdom by which to live.
No greater truths I ever heard than these he had to give:

“Get wisdom, my son, and understanding essential to success.
Say ‘no’ to all the flesh is demanding, for this you must possess.”

If you will embrace this truth each day, honor will come to you.
You will be crowned with glory and grace before your years are through.

When you walk the pathway of life, there will be light to see.
Be sure to seek the Lord’s advice, for therein is the key.

Stay away from evil paths. When you see one turn around,
For wicked men lie in wait seeking to strike you down.

Evil men rob and kill becoming more violent still.
They drink the wine of cruelty and practice their killing skill.

The righteous pathway shines like the sun, gets brighter through the day,
But the wicked stumble as they run, for evil has led them astray.

So listen my son, trust God’s Word; plant it deep in your heart.
Let it reveal the righteous path from which you never depart.

Guard your heart and eyes, my son. Keep perversity from your tongue.
This will bring peace and joy on earth and heaven when this life is done.

I hope you listen well, my son, for whom I feel such pride.
Pursue the plan God has for you and the one who walks alongside.

I pray your home will resound with joy as little ones laugh and sup.
I pray that they too will hear these words and drink from the wisdom cup.”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Ounce of Holy Prevention

Proverbs 3

My son do not forget My law, be true to My commands;
A longer life will come to you by following their demands.

Keep truth and mercy in your heart; bind them around your neck.
They will faithfully do their part to keep your life in check.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding,
Keep yourself firmly on God’s path; honor what He is commanding.

Don’t follow the wisdom of human minds in your walk with the Lord.
His truth and wisdom will combine with health as your reward.

Honor the Lord from all you earn. For many this is a test.
Those who faithfully give to Him will be richly blessed.

Be sure to respect the Lord’s reproof; He disciplines all He loves.
He who is wise responds to rebuke for it comes from heaven above.

Keep sound judgment close at hand; discernment clearly in sight,
They will prevent heartache and pain that flows from sin and strife.

Always be ready to help the deserving if it’s within your power.
Never delay your decisive action until a later hour.

Do not plot against your neighbor living nearby in peace,
For you will incur the Lord’s disfavor causing His blessings to cease.

Don’t withhold good for whom it is due if you’re able to bless him.
Loving others as God loves you is sure to please and impress Him.

Believers inherit blessings from God because of what they do,
The wicked have only their life of shame—the legacy of a fool.

Make these proverbs your daily intention. Remain committed and sure.
You’ll find them to be God’s holy prevention essential to sin’s cure.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Great Value of Wisdom

Proverbs 2

If you value His Words so true and follow His commands,
If sin’s evil you eschew with all its attendant demands,
If you seek with all your heart as searching for hidden treasure,
Wisdom from heaven God will impart in ever-increasing measure.

Victory comes from God above. It’s granted to the upright.
He is a shield to those He loves, a Light that shines so bright.
Wisdom directs the just and fair guiding them each day.
There is nothing to compare with living our life God’s way.

Wisdom saves me from evil men with wicked ways perverse,
For evil tempts again and again with arguments well rehearsed.
Wisdom saves from the wicked flirt who left her husband to play.
All who follow her swinging skirt will regret it on Judgment Day.

Godly wisdom if embraced will keep us on paths that are true.
It will help us run the race in all we say and do.
Now we see evil on the increase as sinners drink long at its trough,
But soon the godly will live in peace and the wicked will be cut off.

Today is the day of your salvation. Don’t waste this drop of time.
Stop flirting with eternal damnation, refusing God’s grace sublime.
Today if you hear the Spirit call, get down upon your knees.
Confess your sin, give Him your all; be healed from sin’s disease.

God will hear your cry today and cleanse you from all sin.
He will lift the heavy load, give peace and joy within.
You will feel a brand new love knowing you belong to Him
Redeemed and loved by the One above; freed from the curse of sin.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wisdom is Calling Out to You

Proverbs 1

God has recorded wisdom for man
With practical truth to observe.
Try to read daily if you can
From Solomon’s sage proverbs.

If you are wise in the eyes of men
You can be wiser still.
Read the Proverbs again and again,
Their truths and wisdom distill.

Receive correction from your dad;
Heed your mother’s instruction.
It will keep you from paths that are bad;
Protect you from sin’s seduction.

Sinners will say, “Come join us.
We ambush to kill and steal.
Flee from such. Don’t stop to discuss
The evil intent they reveal.

Wicked, lazy rebels like these
Bring judgment swift and sure.
Flee from sin’s deceptive plea,
Keep yourself strong and pure.

Even a bird when it sees a trap
Knows it must fly away.
But greedy fools are soon entrapped
They’re fodder for Judgment Day.

Wisdom cries aloud in the street
Amazed at man’s inattention.
She sees a fool whose life is replete
With actions beyond comprehension.

If you have been a fool for years
You would be wise to take heed.
Judgment is coming. There’s much to fear;
Forgiveness and grace you need.

Lucky for all, our God is love
Filled with redeeming grace.
Forgiveness and grace go hand in glove
When His truth you embrace.

Repent of your sin. Turn around.
Place your trust in Christ.
He will put you on higher ground
And give you eternal life.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Galatians 6:7

There is a law we all should heed
As we live each day on this earth.
You will find it mighty indeed
But please understand it first.

It is a law that is universal,
Immense in its application.
You can be blessed by its daily rehearsal
Or doomed by its sure rotation.

The facts of this law you’ve already met;
It’s the source of both joy and weeping.
What you sow is what you will get,
It’s the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

In what circumstances will this law work?
It applies in all that you do.
Unkind words and deeds you shirk
Will surely come back to you

You will reap if you sow,
A fact that stands without doubt.
The nature of the seed that is sown
Is reproduced in the sprout.

You will reap what you sow.
Think clearly about that fact.
If heartache and sorrow you would forego,
Be careful of how you act.

If love and respect is what you desire,
Then that is what you give out.
Choose to encourage and inspire
In whatever you speak about.

Whatever you sow, you will get more.
In addition, then multiplication.
Blessings or curses are in store
Unhindered by limitation.

We shall reap if we do not lose heart
So keep on doing what’s right.
Pursue what is good and do your part
Keeping this law in sight.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Psalm 139:1-10--The Greatness of God

O Lord, You know all about me;
With You there is no surprise.
My daily plans and activities
Are known before I arise.

I am surrounded by your care,
Hemmed in before and behind.
What a tremendous love affair
You have with all mankind.

There is no place that I could go
Where You would not be there too.
A glorious comfort it is to know
That You will carry me through.

When trials of darkness blot out my faith,
They are not dark to You.
For there is nothing that can displace
The comfort You imbue.

I am a miracle of Your creation
Placed in my mother’s womb,
A member of a new generation
Ordained and prepared by You.

My frame was not hidden when I was made;
Your eyes saw all I could be.
All my days You clearly ordained
So I could come to Thee.

I am amazed You think about me,
Millions of times each day.
O that everyone could read
Or hear these words I say.

I cannot comprehend this love
Bestowed on fallen creation.
I praise You for leaving heaven above
To purchase my salvation.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, August 30, 2010

Psalm 100-101--An Exhortation to Worship and Faithfulness

Psalm 100—An Exhortation to Worship

Let everyone shout with Joy to the Lord
Come into His presence with song.
Let us worship in one accord
The One to whom we belong.

Enter His gates with thanksgiving,
Come into His courts with praise.
We find Him ever good and forgiving,
Merciful all of our days.

Psalm 101—An Exhortation to Faithfulness

I will sing of Your perfect justice and love;
I will live with a heart to obey,
But this I ask of my God above:
When will You come to stay?

There is integrity in my home.
I reject those things that are vile.
I disapprove all hearts that roam;
I treasure all things worthwhile.

Some folks slander the innocent,
With eyes and heart so proud.
When I discern their evil intent,
I declare it clear and loud.

I look for faithfulness and love
In those who would be my friends.
Together we serve the Lord above
Faithful to the end.

I want no deceiver living with me;
No liars can be my friend,
For I seek truth and purity
From now until to the end.

Let us begin each day with resolve
To bring honor to our land.
May no wickedness be absolved
Nor evil allowed to stand.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Psalm 91—Safe in the Arms of God

If you live in the presence of the Most High,
You will rest in the care He provides.
He is your refuge, your fortress nearby,
For He will protect and guide.

He will rescue from Satan’s traps;
Protect you from deadly disease.
When trouble comes, let no time elapse,
Run under His covering wings.

You need not fear the terrors of night
Or the arrows that fly each day.
As you live in the fullness of light
Disaster won’t find you as prey.

Though a thousand fall at your side;
If ten thousand fall down and perish,
The wicked are judged because of their pride,
But you, His child, He will cherish.

If you make God your fortress today
No evil will conquer your soul.
Angels will guard you in all your ways
Your enemies He will control.

Angels will guard you and hold you fast,
No stone will be able to trip you.
Though demons attack with a strong grasp,
They will never be able to grip you.

“Because he loves Me and honors My name,
I will protect him from all harm.
I will keep Him faultless from blame
By the might of My Strong Right Arm.

I will be with him in times of trouble;
He will not be distraught.
Though Satan’s efforts be redoubled,
A satisfied life is his lot.”

It’s a mystery why anyone would
Reject these words so true.
Submit today as you know you should;
Jesus will bring you through.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 27, 2010

Psalm 73—Which Destiny is Yours?

There was a time I almost slipped;
I doubted my Father’s plan.
My confidence temporarily dipped
While watching a wicked man.

Why do the wicked live in ease?
Why do they have good health?
Their lives are filled with sin and sleaze,
The fruit of their arrogance and wealth.

With conceited hearts and self-centered pride
They scoff and speak with malice.
O’er earthly kingdoms they preside
From their richly-appointed palace.

Surely in vain I have kept my life clean
To honor the scripture true.
It certainly appears from what I have seen
That sinners get blessings too.

As I sought to reason this out
God showed me their ultimate ruin.
It was not for me to fuss and pout,
For judgment is coming soon.

Suddenly their days will be done,
Swept away at their final hour.
Their Day of Accounting will surely come
In terror and fearful power.

While they perish, I am secure
In the center of Your will.
I am kept for heaven by You
To live on Your holy hill.

Evil men will perish for sure,
Their soul consigned to hell.
But those whom Jesus has made pure
Will with Him forever dwell.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Psalm 51--A Psalm of Repentance

Here is a Psalm that means much to me.
It is David repenting of sin.
With his sentiment I agree;
I have harbored sin within.

My sins, O God, are always before me;
From them I cannot depart.
Only You can set me free
From the wickedness in my heart.

I am a sinner from conception;
I don’t do righteousness well.
I was headed for a warm reception
With sinners condemned to hell.

O cleanse me, Lord; wash me with soap,
Make me whiter than snow.
In You I place my trust and hope.
To You alone I go.

Create in me a heart that’s pure.
This is my prayer; please hear it.
Grant me salvation free and sure;
Empower me by Your Spirit.

I will tell others—sinners too
About salvation’s joy.
Open my lips to declare Your praise,
My total being employ.

No amount of good works or deeds
Can bring salvation to man.
A broken spirit always precedes
Your glorious victory plan.

Thank you, Lord, for breaking me
So joy and peace You could bring.
Now I declare victoriously:
“God loves broken things.”

If you are broken and wounded today,
Call to God above.
He will hear you when you pray
And cover you with His love.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Psalm 46--God Will Protect His Own

God is our refuge and our strength.
We’re safe in His mighty hands.
The safest place in all the world
Is the center of His best plan.

Earthquakes may shake and mountains fall;
Sea waves may roil with foam,
But God will hear our every call
And take us safely home.

God is a river of peace, my friends.
He will keep His city secure.
Though armies surround it at the end,
Their hour of destruction is near.

The nations are in disarray;
The Son of God is descending.
The evil armies He will slay,
For the reign of evil is ending.

Jesus comes in glory and splendor
Followed by the redeemed.
He comes as Israel’s strong defender,
The Messiah of their dreams.

He will make wars to cease that day
And reign for a thousand years.
Peace and justice will come to stay
No need for swords and spears.

Be still, you saints. Your God is here.
Exalt Him and give Him praise.
Now is the time for all to draw near,
To serve Him all of your days.

Our Lord Jesus is coming soon.
Receive Him before it’s too late.
Confess to Him your vain soul’s ruin;
Accept His redemption so great.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Psalm 42--Longing, Remembering, Trusting

“Like a deer desperate for a cool stream
So I’m desperate for you.
Longing for you, O God, is my theme
I hardly know what to do.

Here I am far away from home
Remembering the festival times.
Tears now flow as I pour out my soul.
O what sorrow is mine!

‘Stop my soul. Put your hope in God.
Know that you still will praise.
Though it is Jordan’s soil you trod,
You must rise from this sad malaise.’

I remember your mighty power,
The roar of the mighty sea.
I call out from my night time tower,
‘Have you forgotten me?’

I spend each day in sadness alone;
My bones are feeling the pain.
My enemies taunt me as I moan,
But You, O Lord, sustain.

Okay my soul, stop this reflection.
Trust in God above.
There is coming a resurrection
For those who know His love.

Yes, I will place my trust in the Lord,
For you are my Savior true.
With heaven in sight, a glorious reward,
I’ll trust You to see me through.”

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 20, 2010

Psalm 37--The Heritage of the Righteous

Psalm 37:1-11

Don’t let the success of the evil man
Take away your peace and joy,
For there is nothing one can possess
That will not be destroyed.

The believer shall trust in the Lord alone;
It is He who has determined your place.
This shall become your blessing zone
As you surrender and seek His face.

Commit your future and all your dreams
To the Lord who observes in love.
Your life will radiate like a beam
As bright as the sun above.

Be still and patient, pray for God’s will;
Don’t faint when evil succeeds,
For there is an awful eternal bill
Coming due for all wicked deeds.

Control your anger; turn away from wrath,
Submit to God’s best plan.
The wicked now walk their chosen path,
But you will inherit the land.

It won’t be long and the end will come;
The wicked will not be found.
To God’s judgment they will succumb,
But you will wear heaven’s crown.

Do you desire the Lord’s salvation
And acknowledge your selfish sin?
Heaven will be your destination
If you place your trust in Him.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Psalm 32--The Joy of Forgiveness

“Blessed am I. My sins are forgiven;
My spirit has peace and rest.
Before I repented I was driven
By sins that were unconfessed.

When I kept silent my health declined;
I groaned on my couch each day,
But when I confessed these sins of mine
You washed my misery away.

Yes, I have learned to confess my sin,
For then my spirit can rest.
By Your grace I’m cleansed within;
My transgressions fully addressed

Let all who are godly call on high
While You can still be found,
For when the mighty waters rise
You guide to higher ground.”

God to David:
“I will instruct you and teach you, My son
In the way you ought to go.
Each day to Me you must come
To learn what you need to know.

Do not be like the horse or mule
That refuses to be controlled.
Must I place a bridle on you
To lead you where you must go?

Many woes will come from above
To all who resist my will.
For all who surrender to Me in love
Peace and joy I instill.

Rejoice in the Lord My chosen ones.
Seek to be upright in heart.
Your eternal life has just begun
So why don’t you play it smart?”

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Psalm 27--The Lord is My Salvation

The Lord on high is my salvation. Of whom shall I be afraid?
He helps me defeat demonic schemes whenever an attempt is made.
When my enemies come to attack, they will stumble and fall.
Because the Lord is my guide and strength, I shall not fear at all.

There is one thing I ask of the Lord, the thing I desire the most.
It’s not a desire for riches or fame or something grandiose.
I love to be in the presence of God when I worship in His house.
Living continually with my Lord is the hope I espouse.

To live in His presence is safety for me and glorious peace of mind.
No better fortress or hiding place would I ever be able to find.
I will draw near to God on high with songs of joy and praise.
This is the way I choose to live all my remaining days.

So here is my prayer as I call out to God: ‘Lead me in paths of light;’
My enemy seeks to ravage me in numerous spiritual fights.
Don’t let me fall for Satan’s plan or succumb to his devious ploy,
For Lucifer lives his evil desire: to kill and steal and destroy.

The devil accuses of sin and faults—some I’ve never committed,
Then I quote the scripture to him, for that is the weapon permitted.
I tell him he is a liar now and has been from the beginning.
I tell how Jesus saved my soul and remind him he is not winning.

Yes, I’m confident God will prevail in all the trials of life.
I can conquer fear and doubt; get victory o’er sin and strife.
I will wait patiently for the Lord enduring the devil’s assaults,
For by the blood of Christ applied I stand without blame or fault.

This is the standing you will have if you place your trust in Christ.
You must remember you cannot be saved by your deeds or might.
If man could earn it, he would boast. That’s not a desirable station.
Confess your sin; trust in His grace. He will make you a new creation.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Psalm 23--The Lord is My Shepherd

The Lord is my shepherd, my needs are all met.
I have plenty to eat; by the cool stream I rest.
The pasture He chooses is lush with green grass
Because of His presence the wild beasts must pass.

The food that He gives yields strength and health.
He guards from the wolves who come by stealth.
The streams by the pasture so gently flow
I drink all I need while the cool breezes blow.

The paths we walk are those which are good.
The words He speaks are all understood.
Sometimes we tread in the shadow of death,
But I need not fear or hold my breath.

I know the enemy would tear me apart,
But the Shepherd’s strong staff will make him depart.
The Savior is near, no danger can win.
I know I am safe because I’m with Him.

The Shepherd has said there is heaven ahead.
He’s planning a banquet for those He has led.
There at God’s table I will be seated.
No enemies there, for they are defeated.

We will be served by angelic creation.
Along with dear saints from Old Testament nations.
Goodness, love, and mercy are mine
Not just for this day but for all time.

The Savior is waiting for you to wake up
He wants you to drink from His loving cup.
He offers salvation so full and so free,
So heed this good word from Psalm 23.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, August 16, 2010

Psalm 22--A Messianic Prophecy

This is a Psalm of despair and joy,
A Psalm that is doubly fulfilled.
It’s about David they hoped to destroy
And Jesus when He was killed.

“My God, My God, where are You?
Can’t you hear my pleas and groaning?
I call out for help all the day through,
Yet you fail to hear my moaning.

Our Fathers cried and they were delivered.
They trusted and were not ashamed.
I call out to You, the deliverance-giver,
But no miracle can I claim.

I feel like a worm and not a man,
Scorned and despised by all.
‘You preached to others of God’s great plan.
Why doesn’t He hear you call?’

I am surrounded by evil beasts
That long to tear me apart.
As I suffer with pain’s increase
I am aware of my failing heart.

My hands have been pierced and my feet.
I’ve been nailed to this rugged cross.
Here I hang near Golgotha Street
To win back what mankind lost.

O My God, deliver my soul.
I know you will hear my plea.
I will praise you, for this I know:
You have regard for me.

Those who seek You find satisfaction.
In You they place their hope.
They are assured of divine reaction
In a timely definitive scope.”

King David was spared and ruled from his throne.
He was delivered from every plight.
All o’er the world He became known
As a king both fierce and upright.

Jesus died there upon the tree;
Then was placed in the tomb.
But He rose again for you and me
To save us from sin and doom.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Psalm Nineteen--God is Calling Out to You

Psalm 19

The heavens declare the glory of God,
All creation His marvelous mind.
They testify of His boundless power;
His intention so loving and kind.

The vastness of the universe
Speaks loud to all who will hear
That there is a God to love or curse
Calling for all to draw near.

Consider the sunrise in the East
And watch it go down in the West.
Nothing can hide from its radiant heat
As it journeys to evening’s rest.

The wisdom of our divine Creator
Is perfect reviving the soul.
No one can love in any way greater
Than He would make you whole.

The commandments of the Lord are clear
Giving us wisdom each day.
Each of them act as a lighted mirror
Revealing how grace is His way.

His Law reveals the sins of my heart;
Shows me the faults I must face,
For my sin has kept us apart
But the answer is His great grace.

Cleanse me, O Lord, from all my sin
Transform my corrupt condition.
Remove the evil that lives within;
I trust You for sin’s remission.

I know these words and heart meditation
Are acceptable in Your sight,
For You have removed sin’s dark condemnation
And given me peace in the night.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Friday, August 13, 2010

Psalm Sixteen--A Psalm of Hope and Joy

A Psalm of Hope and Joy
Psalm 16

Hear my prayer today, O Lord
I place my trust in You.
By your grace I am restored.
Each morning I start anew.

I remember the day I said,
“You are my Lord and Savior.”
How I long for heaven ahead
With all who seek your favor.

Many there are who turn away
To gods of wood or stone.
Their sorrow will multiply on the Day
When they stand before You alone.

You have granted blessings to me.
I live in a pleasant place.
My life is like a fruitful tree
Growing in peace and grace.

I bless the Lord and trust His Word;
I seek Him at night when I rest.
I long for the day His shout will be heard
And I rise to the life that is best.

If I should die before You return
My spirit will fly to You.
I have no fear of the lake that burns
Or the judgment that will ensue.

In Your presence is fullness of joy
Devoid of all earthly leaven.
Eternal fellowship to enjoy
In the glory of God’s great heaven.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Do I Qualify for Heaven?

Psalm 15

Lord, who can live in heaven with you,
Dwell on your holy hill?
Is there something I must do
To experience Your goodwill?

“He whose walk is blameless,” You say;
“Who speaks the truth from his heart.”
But sin is present every day;
To keep God and me apart.

We’re supposed to do our neighbor no wrong
And cast no slur on others,
But I have days when I can’t get along
With my saintly mother.

Were supposed to honor those who fear God;
Be true to the oaths we swear,
Be generous to those who need our help;
Treat everyone right and square.

By now it should be as plain as day
We’re unable to live in these truths.
We’ve feasted at sin’s appealing buffet
From the earliest days of our youth.

The Bible shares the words so true
Of man’s eternal condition.
It tells us exactly what to do
To defeat our sin disposition.

Jesus came to die on the cross
To pay the price of our sin.
Perfection endured this terrible loss
To draw us near to Him

When we place our trust in Christ
Knowing His Word is true,
His death becomes our sacrifice
We’re cleansed from sin and renewed.

That’s when His Spirit comes within
To be our teacher and guide.
As we listen and learn from Him
Sin habits begin to subside.

So here’s the truth I want you to learn
God paid the price of your sin.
Your salvation cannot be earned.
You must be transformed within.

This may seem too simple for you
As though you only coast,
But if we could earn salvation true,
Our pride would make us boast.

The righteous standing we have in Christ
Comes not from deeds we’ve done.
No, we are judged holy in God’s sight
Because of God’s only Son.

Jesus died that you may receive
Salvation’s invitation.
So tell Him today that you believe
And seal your reservation.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Fool

Psalm 14

Who is the man who says there’s no God?
The Bible calls him a fool.
In arrogant pride he lives on this sod
Believing God’s Word is untrue.

His heart is corrupt, his deeds are vile;
His ideals are empty gas.
With vain philosophy he beguiles
The sycophants in his class.

The Lord looks down from heaven on high
Observing the human race.
He searches vainly for all who are wise,
Who desire to seek His face.

He finds not one, for all turned away
To a state of spiritual demise.
There’s no longing to learn or pray,
For they’re tuned to the Father of Lies.

These sons of Satan never learn.
They devour the poor like bread.
Someday the truth they blithely spurn
Will fill them with fear and dread.

But the Lord is the refuge to the poor;
It’s a truth in which to rejoice.
Believers will go to heaven for sure
At the sound of the trump and His voice.

How I long for the day of salvation
When all that was lost is restored;
Receiving heaven’s glorification
And living with Christ our Lord.

I’m going to live in heaven some day.
I hope you will be there too.
Seek the Lord, His teachings weigh;
Don’t play the part of a fool.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, July 26, 2010

O God, Hear and Act

Psalm 10

Why, O Lord, are you far away
When the wicked act so cruel?
Don’t you know what the wicked say?
They say the believer’s a fool!

The wicked brazenly hunts down the poor
And brags about all his success.
He doesn’t believe judgment is sure;
Considers God even less.

His mouth is full of cursing and lies.
He murders the innocent man.
Like a lion he springs in surprise
On the victims of his plan.

He has no fear of God above
As though He had no eyes.
He has no thoughts of brotherly love
Nor cares if his victims die.

He says, “Nothing bad will happen to me;
Heartache is for the meek.
I reach out and take what I see.
I always get what I seek.”

Lord, when will you act to right this wrong?
You can see the trouble they cause.
Rise to show yourself just and strong
Against those who break your laws?

Break the arms of these evil doers;
Chase them till all are destroyed.
You should become the feared pursuer
Til they lose all the comforts enjoyed.

This I know about You, O Lord.
Of this I am more than sure.
You will bring hope to those oppressed
And relief to those who are poor.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 24, 2010

How Majestic is Your Name

Psalm 8

O Lord, our Lord, to whom we belong,
How majestic is your name.
O Lord, our Lord, your creation longs
To give you praise and acclaim.

Lord, your glory is clearly revealed
In the heavens above.
We, who by your grace are sealed,
Enjoy your peace and love.

Even the praise of child or babe
Produces glorious might.
Even their simplest praises made
Enhance the spiritual fight.

When I consider the heavens above,
The stars and moons that blink;
When I perceive your labor of love,
This is what I think:

“What is man that you care so much?
Why would you love him so?
You made him ruler o’er all he can touch
And gave him total control.

The flocks and herds you’ve given to him,
The birds of the air and the fish that swim.
All the plants that grow in the field
To man is submitted; to man they yield.

Lower than your angels who serve
But greater than all that remains;
With wisdom and power undeserved,
He rules o’er the earthly domain.

There is nothing more to say,
Nor greater thoughts to proclaim.
It is our joy to shout each day,
‘How Majestic is Your Name!’”

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hear My Plea, O Lord

Psalm 5

Please give ear to my words, O Lord.
Consider my meditation.
I come in the morning to be restored
In humble consecration.

Give heed unto my voice today;
I lay my heart before You.
I come early to sing and pray,
To worship and implore You

You take no pleasure in wicked sin
Nor boastful, pride-filled man;
Those who harbor lies within,
Or deceitful, murderous plans.

But I will come before you, Lord;
Your mercy I receive,
A wondrous undeserved reward
Because my heart believes.

My enemies are counterfeit frauds;
Their tongues speak vain deceit.
What they say you won’t applaud;
It’s foulness they repeat.

Let all who put their trust in You
Rejoice and sing their praise,
Their heart-felt worship proven true
By the character they display.

Surely, Lord, the righteous are blessed;
You surround them like a shield.
I pray their love will find express
In this ripened harvest field.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Cry for Help

Psalm 3
(A Psalm of David when he fled from Absalom his son.)

2 Samuel records the true account of David’s traitorous son.
Absalom stole his father’s throne and the king was on the run.
Through the night the king did pray and God became his shield
Keeping enemy troops at bay as they tramped through lane and field.

David cried out to his Lord, “How many are my foes!
Absalom’s army is in pursuit to deliver the final blow.
Many who see me on this road believe that I will die,
But I will place my trust in God who governs from on high.

You are a shield around me, Lord, the lifter of my soul.
I look to heaven for your help. There’s nowhere else to go.
I lift my voice and cry to God, ‘O Lord, do not be still.’
I know my God will answer me from His holy hill.

The peace of God then floods my soul. I sleep in quiet rest.
When I awake I am at peace aware that He has blessed.
I will not fear the tens of thousands sent to slaughter me.
His protective care and concern is the safest place to be.

I feel a surge of confidence. I shout for all to hear it.
‘Arise O Lord; strike them down by the power of Your Spirit.
Punch my enemies hard in their face; break their teeth if you must.
Triumph over ungodly foes whose intentions are unjust.’

Listen people, hear my words, ‘Salvation belongs to the Lord.’
He will deliver from all attacks; protect from the enemy sword.
His blessings rest upon His people, those who trust in His name.
So lift your voice and shout to the Lord, His glory to proclaim.”

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Psalm Two--The King of the World

Psalm 2

Wicked Kings all over the world
Rage at the thought of God.
They plot together with insults hurled
Hating His iron rod.

“Let’s break the yoke, throw off the chains
Imposed by the Lord and His Son.”
They craftily plan and anticipate gain
Believing the battle is won.

The One who rules in heaven laughs.
He scoffs at their futile schemes.
All of their plans both present and past
Can’t stop Him from seating His king.

When Jesus died on the cruel cross.
He defeated the power of sin.
Perfection was buried but evil still lost;
For He died and then rose again.

The Son of God came forth from the tomb;
Declared to the world that He lived.
Resurrected from death’s dark room,
The throne of the world became His.

“Ask and I’ll give you all the nations.
It’s your inheritance, Son.
Rule o’er the kingdoms of all creation.
The eternal battle is won.”

Someday soon the Lord will ascend
To the throne as King from above.
Rebels and fools will go to their end
As He reigns in justice and love.

There is action to take today
As you read this Psalm so true.
Confess your sins as you kneel and pray.
Tell Him that you’ll serve Him too.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Psalm One--The Man Who is Blessed

Psalm One

I know a man, who is truly blessed,
Whose life is free of turmoil and stress.
He doesn’t hang with the wrong kind of friends,
For his sinful ways have come to an end.

His life is now guided by God’s sure Word.
He’s soaking in scripture, his heart is stirred.
He’s like a tree with a strong tap root—
Well-watered, not withered; producing good fruit.

He finds his delight in his Living Lord
Who paid the sin ransom he couldn’t afford.
He lives in peace above condemnation
Forgiven, redeemed by the God of Creation.

Along with the righteous the wicked abound.
Rejecting the message the Gospel sounds.
They’re like the chaff, the empty husk,
Blown far from the stream along with the dust.

They have no fruit to present to the Master;
They’re marching toward eternal disaster.
They cruise to old age from days of youth
Believing the lie, rejecting the truth.

God cares for all whose ways are right.
They’re ever before Him day and night.
The righteous soul the Lord will cherish,
But all who reject Him are destined to perish.

The plan of salvation is spiritual birth,
Pardon for sin and purpose on earth.
The scripture declares that when we believe
Our sins are forgiven; new life we receive.

This life we now live will come to an end.
The life that’s eternal will then begin.
So what will it be for you, dear friend,
Heaven with Him or hell that won’t end?

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hear the Word of the Lord

Jeremiah 26-27

Jeremiah stood in the temple yard to tell the people their fate.
This is the message given by God the prophet was called to state:
“If you do not listen carefully; decide to do what is right,
Jerusalem will become like Shiloh when it suffered its terrible plight.”

(Shiloh was honored to be the place where the people met their Lord.
The tabernacle was located there; the Ark of the Covenant stored.
But when Israel strayed away from God and lost the ark in war,
Shiloh became a desolate city, a place to be shunned and ignored.)

When the officials heard this word they seized the prophet and said,
“This man prophesies against us. We think he deserves to be dead.”
Jeremiah then repeated God’s Word: “Reform and change your ways.
God may soften the coming judgment but only if you obey.”

Uriah and Micah also gave a confirming Word of correction.
The people decided the word was true and lifted their disaffection.
Once again the prophet was spared protected by God’s mighty hand,
But there were additional words from God to proclaim throughout the land.

There came a day when Jeremiah strapped a yoke upon his neck.
He warned Zedekiah of many false prophets and their lying effects.
“Bow to the yoke of bondage I sent; serve Nebuchadnezzar the king,
But if you resist and follow false prophets, you will lose everything.”

But false Hananiah took the yoke that Jeremiah had fashioned.
He smashed the yoke into the ground swinging with might and passion.
“Within two years,” this prophet said, “this foreign yoke will be broken.
Hear me now as I speak to you, for this is a word well spoken.”

Jeremiah responded in this way: “Hananiah that’s a good try.
Sadly you have persuaded these people to follow a bald-faced lie.
I have another word from God that everyone needs to hear:
God is about to remove you from earth. Your death will come this year.”

Hananiah passed in the seventh month just as the prophet had said.
It’s a reminder to follow the Word and not the thoughts of your head.
The Bible is our source of truth as we seek out God’s direction.
Modern day prophets will surely fail, but His Word is utter perfection.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Coming Judgment

Jeremiah 5

The Coming Judgment
Jeremiah 5
Jeremiah became a prophet of God to speak to His unfaithful bride.
He called to the city imploring the folks to lay down their sin and pride.
This people, delivered by their great God, had now abandoned Him.
They daily lived on the precipice of time, for judgment follows sin.

Thus says the Lord to Jerusalem: “Break up your fallow ground.
If you continue to sow among thorns, your troubles will only compound.
Circumcise your hearts, O men, for my wrath will burn like fire.
Because of the weight of sin in the land, your time is about to expire.

Sound the trumpet! Raise the flag. Run to the stronghold of Zion.
From the north will come a destroyer, a fierce and mighty lion.
Put on the sackcloth, lament and wail, for judgment is at hand;
The righteous anger of the Lord will soon destroy the land.

The lion will come like a scorching wind with chariots and swift horses.
Your armies will not prevail against him who leads his powerful forces.
The purpose of the wind from the north is not to winnow or cleanse;
I will use this blistering wind to bring judgment to wicked men.”

The prophet walked throughout the city and listened at her squares.
He was searching for one honest person who treated the people fair.
Jeremiah was told, “Find one honest person, and I will forgive this city.”
Alas, the prophet could find not one. Such conduct receives no pity.

“Why should I forgive this people for whom I supplied all needs?
These are the people who gave themselves to sin and idolatry.
Like lusty stallions each went his own way seeking his neighbor’s wife.
Why should they now be so surprised to experience the pruner’s knife?”

“O house of Israel,” declares the Lord, “I am bringing a distant nation.
They will devour your flocks and herds; bring pain and separation.
They will take your sons and daughters back to their foreign lands,
But even then you won’t repent and follow My guiding hand.”

O People of God, it was true for them and it’s true for us today.
Today is the day of our salvation. Today is the day we should pray.
Let us confess our need for him and trust Him for salvation.
Help us live our remaining days in fruitful appreciation.

America is walking in peril by abandoning her God above.
She is departing from faith in the One our founding fathers loved.
Walking in sin down the same ugly path, her judgment is at hand.
Lord, help us all be bold Jeremiahs willing to share Your plan.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, July 5, 2010

God is Calling Out to You

Jeremiah 2-3

Jeremiah heard the voice of God and felt the pain in His heart
As He remembered Judah’s love at the journey’s start.
All Israel was His holy bride sealed at Sinai’s pact,
Protected by His mighty arm from Satan’s evil attack.

“What fault did your father’s find in me? In what way did I fail?
Why did they follow worthless gods powerless to prevail?
The people forgot the way I led with a strong and loving hand
To deliver them from slavery to a prosperous, fruitful land.

I gave you a land of milk and honey which you promptly defiled
Falling in love with idolatry like a headstrong child.
The priests and scholars did not speak; the leaders didn’t care;
The prophets prophesy by Baal today. A word of truth is rare.

My people committed two terrible sins: The first is rejecting Me.
I see them practice their harlotry under every spreading tree.
They have rejected Living Water that cannot assuage their thirst.
They have abandoned their Redeemer following idols first.”

“O Judah, you are a wild donkey in her time of heat
Sniffing the winds to find the stallion she desires to meet.
You say unto a statue of stone, ‘You are god who gave me birth.’
How foolish it is to follow a god made from the stones of earth.”

Young lions trampled your cities to dust. Where have your gods been?
When the men of Egypt burned your towns, where were your gods then?
You look to the sky and fervently proclaim, ‘He is not angry with me.’
How foolish it is to deny your guilt. The evidence is plain to see.”

You are Israel’s faithless sister. You failed to learn from her sin.
You pretend to come back to me, but you are faithless within.
I’m calling now to Israel too dispersed through Assyria’s land.
Return to Me. I am your husband. Come and take my hand.”

In the same way that God called to Judah and to Israel too,
So He continues to call out today…calling out for you.
He is not willing that any should perish. He wants to save your soul.
There is no other fountain to cleanse. Only He can make you whole.

Will you listen? Will you respond? Will you come to Him today?
Time is short. The end is coming. It’s time to kneel and pray.
God is waiting to make you His child. He wants to forgive all sin.
Come to Him in faith and surrender. He will cleanse you within.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Call of Jeremiah

Jeremiah 1

After Josiah came four worthless kings as the time of captivity drew near.
Jeremiah was called as a prophet supreme, but the message they would not hear.
Read God’s Word and consider it well; the message is given for all,
For we will miss the purpose of life if we fail to heed God’s call.

Jeremiah, the son of Hilkiah, was raised in a righteous home.
His father was a priest who served when Josiah was on the throne.
In the thirteenth year of Josiah’s reign, Jeremiah heard the call.
The record reveals the challenging task he faced as he gave his all.

“Before I formed you in the womb I determined to make you mine.
I set you apart and gave you to Judah for this particular time.
I, your God, have made you a prophet and put your bones on fire,
For the people you serve have lost their way and are led by evil liars.”

“O God in heaven, why should I speak? To them I’m a tender youth.”
“Just go where I send you, say what you hear; proclaim the triumphant truth.
I’ve set you over nations and kings to root out and pull down.
You are called to refute the lies of those who will wear the crown.

A king from the North is coming soon to capture the holy city.
Because of Judah’s idolatry, I will turn from compassion and pity.
Prepare yourself, arise and go; proclaim the truths you have heard.
Do not be dismayed when they resist, for they will not heed the word.”

“They will fight but will not prevail against you,” says the Lord.
The king, the priests, and the princes will fail to resist the coming horde.
Judgment will come for the idolatry practiced throughout this land
Where people worship gods of wood fashioned by their own hand.”

So what is the message for us today? What can we learn from this?
What should we grasp as we kneel to pray? It’s meaning we must not miss.
We love our computers, our high def TV’s, the technology of the land.
Could these be considered the gods we love fashioned by our hands?

Lovers of pleasure and not of God, enslaved by money and greed—
Isn’t this a message of truth that people today should heed?
Let us not practice foolish delusion like the people of Judah embraced,
For soon the day of accounting will come when we meet Him face to face.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Friday, July 2, 2010

The Josiah Plan

2 Kings 22-23

The greatest king Judah had known was beloved King Hezekiah.
But now we come to special young man whose name was King Josiah.
In between was an evil one who reigned for fifty-five years.
Though he was Hezekiah’s son, he was evil beyond his peers.

Manasseh repented in later years and tried to change his nation,
But the evil he had performed altered its spiritual station.
His son Amon, who became king, abandoned the way of the Lord.
Two years later he was destroyed by his servant’s sword.

The people installed Josiah as king when he was but eight years old.
From his advisors wisdom would spring more precious than silver or gold.
Josiah’s leadership and reforms are chronicled in three stages.
The blessed actions he performed are recorded in these pages.

The first stage happened from age eight with guidance from his advisors.
As they taught him respect for God, he was enabled to rule wiser.
His leadership grew at age sixteen when his faith became his own.
He did not turn from right to left, nor did he from godliness roam.

Stage two began when he was twenty and nothing within him faltered.
He decided to cleanse the nation removing false gods and altars.
Jerusalem first and throughout the land his resolve the people saw,
But nothing compares to the fateful day they found the Book of the Law.

Stage three begins at age twenty-six when he ordered the temple cleansed.
Hilkiah found the Book of the Law, missing from way back when.
Josiah consulted Huldah the Prophetess to assuage his spiritual thirst.
“Because of their sin,” the prophetess said, “the land will surely be cursed.”

Now God was pleased with Josiah the king; gave him a word from the Lord:
“Before judgment falls on everything, you will go to your heavenly reward.”
Josiah called a sacred assembly to hear the words from the scroll.
The people heard how sin condemns with power to destroy their soul.

The land was put to a further purge with idol objects defiled.
The people saw the truth about sin and how its power beguiles.
The power of sin is present today in our land and across the sea.
It is to Jesus the Savior we pray for salvation to set us free.

Josiah reigned for thirty-one years; brought blessings to his nation.
He was successful because he feared the God of all creation.
You can walk with the Lord today discerning this world’s demise:
Turn to Jesus; walk in His ways. “Look up! Your redemption is nigh.”

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Will Your Legacy Be?

2 Kings 15:1-6; 32-37; 18-20

Many kings in the North and South were very wicked men.
They fought each other and enemies without over and over again.
Thirteen ruled as kings in the North until Elisha died;
About that time Uzziah became the king of the southern tribe.

Uzziah is known to be Azariah; both names describe the man.
He did right in the sight of God but missed a part of His plan.
In the fifty-two years of his legendary reign he saw a lot of faces,
But he failed to completely remove the idolatry of the high places.

Jotham was Uzziah’s son who became a righteous king.
He rebuilt the gates on the temple wall among many other things.
Jotham conquered the Ammonites; received tribute from many places,
But like his father he failed to destroy the idolatry of the high places.

After Jotham Ahaz was king. Of evil he never tired.
He sacrificed his infant sons through Molech’s awful fire.
Defeated in war he surrendered the treasure belonging to the Lord.
Such wickedness extracts a price that no one can afford.

But after Ahaz came a king who loved God with all his heart.
He trusted the Lord in heaven above His wisdom to impart.
Hezekiah became the greatest king to rule from Judah’s throne.
His courage, faith, and integrity, we should seek to make our own.

Uzziah, Jotham and Hezekiah—three of Judah’s best leaders.
Each left a legacy of righteousness admired by Bible readers.
We too will leave a legacy from this time we have on earth,
So consider the brevity of this life and leave a legacy of worth.

We cannot change our history past, but there is time still left,
Time to refocus our life on God; to encourage, love and bless.
We can live with eternity in view remembering heaven above,
Infusing the way we talk and live by the power of Christ’s love.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Bad, the Good, the Ugly

Athaliah, Jehoiada, and Joash
The Bad, the Good, the Ugly
1 Kings 12

You’ve heard the adage, “Like father, like son.”
This passage tells of the opposite one.
Ahab’s daughter, Athaliah by name,
Was very good at the power game.

She married Joram, Jehoshaphat’s son,
But eight years later his time was done.
Her son, Ahaziah, became the king
But his reign was simply a one-year fling.

Athaliah, desiring the throne,
Killed her grandsons to make it her own.
Murderous, selfish, scheming and rash,
She killed them all except for Joash.

The hand of God was upon the lad,
The only descendent of his dad,
Hidden away in the House of the Lord
Until the day his throne was restored.

Enter Jehoiada, the faithful priest
Who fiercely opposed Athaliah that beast.
Joash was crowned at the temple hill;
Athaliah captured and quickly killed.

For forty years Joash was king
Bringing reform to everything.
The altars of Baal were all torn down;
Idolatry banned in Jerusalem town.

As long as Jehoiada was an advisor
Joash kept ruling wiser and wiser.
The temple was completely restored
With monies given to the Lord.

Jehoiada lived to one hundred thirty,
But after he died it wasn’t pretty.
Joash stopped listening to the priest
Failing badly to say the least.

He killed Zechariah, Jehoiada’s son,
And lost a war that he should have won.
All of this happened you can see
Because of his end-life apostasy.

Though Joash began well, in the end he failed;
His spiritual heritage sadly derailed.
Stay true to God, to whom you belong,
Walk humbly before Him and finish strong.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jezebel and the End of the Road

2 Kings 10

There were many insolent kings who dismissed the Lord’s intentions—
Kings from both the North and South too numerous here to mention.
But we can remember Ahab and wife, a godless king and queen.
Ahab had died and now it was time for Jezzie to leave the scene.

Jezebel dwelt secure in the palace; her son had assumed the throne.
But up in heaven the day and time of Jezebel’s judgment was known.
Elijah had set the record straight with solemn words of candor.
The one God chose to seal her fate was Jehu, the army commander.

A prophet was sent to this chosen one to make this message known:
God had removed Jezebel’s son and given Jehu the throne.
The entire house of Ahab rebelled just as Elijah had said.
Jehu would send all of them down to the realm of the dead.

Now Jehu was a man of action known to drive quite fast.
His chariot left a cloud of dust as he went racing past.
Joram the King went out to greet him arriving at Naboth’s land.
There the son of Ahab died by an arrow from Jehu’s hand.

Jehu said to Bidkar his captain, “Leave him on Naboth’s land.
I refuse to bury the body of such a disgraceful man.
Naboth died in treachery; his blood was spilled for this lot.
Ahab’s family now will pay for Jezebel’s evil plot.”

Jezebel learned of her son’s death and knew her time was up.
Long and deep had been her drink from Satan’s evil cup.
She painted her face and dressed as a queen hoping for domination,
But Jehu stormed upon the scene not fearing intimidation.

He called out to the servants above who stood at Jezebel’s side.
“If you agree then give her a shove right through this window wide.”
They picked her up and threw her down—it’s a story gruesome to tell.
Suffice it say on that very day, Jezebel went to hell.

Seventy sons of Ahab died because of their parent’s sin.
This is not the family arrangement anyone should be in.
You’ll find no advantage for royalty when it comes to Judgment Day.
God will reveal your evil thoughts and every word you say.

But there is a Savior who died for you; the price of sin He paid.
When you place your trust in Him, you need not be afraid.
He will give you a spiritual birth; renew your spirit within,
So choose to receive new life on earth and live forever with Him.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Lesson from Ancient History

2 Kings 6-7

Israel agreed to live by the Law and always do what was best,
But once again they abandoned God and now were starving to death.
Ben Hadad, the king from Syria, surrounded Samaria town.
The capital city of Israel was about to come crashing down.

Joram, the King of Israel, was married to Jezebel’s daughter.
It was her devotion to the Baals that led the people to slaughter.
What good is it to cry out to God with such a divided heart?
God has demanded all of us. He won’t settle for just a part.

Elisha had told him not to surrender, to wait for God’s intervention.
Joram was angry accusing the Lord of deliberate inattention.
Elisha’s life was about to end with the removal of his head,
But right on time Israel would find deliverance was just ahead.

Four starving lepers huddled together outside the city gates.
“We might as well surrender ourselves, for certain death awaits.”
They arose at twilight and walked forth towards the Syrian camp.
There was nary a person there, not even a lighted lamp.

There in the camp was food and drink along with the Syrian horses.
God had provided for the town from the most unlikely of sources.
The people went out and plundered the tents gathering the corn and flour.
The famine broke and the city was spared from Satan’s evil power.

There are observations in this text appropriate for our land.
Consider the misery that prevailed following the wisdom of man.
The prophets warned again and again, but the people would not hear
Until the blessings they enjoyed began to disappear.

If only the king and people too had knelt with bended knee
Confessing their sin and turning their back on wicked idolatry,
They would have avoided the horror brought to their family and friends.
Oh what a price sin extracts before it comes to an end!

We have been blessed in America. What a land to live in!
But now we are about to spend ourselves into complete oblivion.
It is time for the church to wake up today and pray for our moral ills.
It’s time for congress to tighten its belt and decide to pay its bills.

We are in a substantial mess in need of help from above.
The answers are found in the Word of God our nation used to love.
America needs a spiritual renewal to sweep across the land.
Wake up and pray, O saints of God, for judgment is at hand!

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 11, 2010

Captured by Greed

1 Kings 5

Naaman was a Syrian legend but not the hero here.
The hero is a servant girl who loved her Lord so dear.
She was captured in a raid and cared for Naaman’s wife.
This is all scripture reveals about her former life.

Naaman was a mighty warrior, a general in the land,
Fighting a tough opponent who had the upper hand.
He had beaten previous combatants employing ferocity,
But Naaman couldn’t foil the attack of dreaded leprosy.

This little maiden said one day, “I have a word for you.
There is a prophet in Israel who will tell you what to do.
If the master will seek his face the leprosy will fade;
The God of Israel is able to heal the people He has made.”

Naaman decided to take the advice, her wisdom to explore.
With silver, gold, and precious gifts he arrived at Elisha’s door.
He thought the prophet would cry aloud in a voice to make one quiver,
But Elisha simple directed him to bathe in the Jordan River.

The general’s pride of life was irked at this bland instruction.
He thought his position and prestige should warrant a greater production.
He fell into a fit of rage with words that could not be written,
But a wise servant counseled him to accept the prophet’s prescription.

Once, then twice, and still a third into the Jordan he dipped.
Nothing substantial had yet occurred, but he kept himself tight lipped.
Four, then five, and finally six, he dipped his way to seven.
When he came up from his seventh plunge, he saw his gift from heaven.

His flesh once foul and eaten away was now completely restored.
He returned to Elisha acknowledging God, attempting to give a reward.
Elisha refused, for God did the deed, and he would accept no gain.
That’s when greed captured Gehazi to his eternal shame.

After telling Naaman a lie, the servant received a prize.
The silver, gold, and quality clothes were appealing to his eyes.
He hid the money deep in his house, then stood before his master
Only to learn that greed and deceit bring with them pain and disaster.

Elisha said, “My dear Gehazi. Did you think I wouldn’t know?
Behold your skin has now become leprous, diseased and white as snow.
It will cling to you and descendents down through the generations.
You will learn to rue the day you yielded to temptation.”

Gehazi’s sin we must not forget; his actions never repeat.
Unchecked greed will only beget a life of lies and deceit.
Be like Elisha devoted to God, make Him your very first choice.
Then when the Day of Judgment arrives, you will surely rejoice.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

2 Kings 2

The time had arrived for Elijah to go and meet his God this day.
To Elisha he said, “I’m leaving now. Here is where you stay.”
Elisha responded, “As the Lord lives, I will not leave you alone.
I want to go with you all the way until you are taken home.”

Elijah rolled his mantle tight; struck the Jordan with a great sound.
The waters stood both left and right; they traveled on dry ground.
Once they were over Elijah asked, “Can I bless you? Let me hear it?”
“I want to receive a double portion of the Holy Spirit.”

“You have asked a difficult thing. Here is how you will know it.
If you see me when I depart, you can be sure our God will bestow it.”
A glorious chariot suddenly appeared standing there between them.
Elisha would never forget that sight, for clearly he had seen them.

As history records Elisha received an anointing of spiritual power.
The Spirit of God rested on him bringing forth guidance each hour.
Elisha went on to serve the Lord; he was known throughout the land.
Many were the miraculous deeds manifest at his command.

In former days the Spirit rested on those whom God showed favor,
But now He lives within our hearts, a gift from our Lord and Savior.
Knowing God worked in glorious wonder when on a few He would fall,
Consider the potential in the Lord’s church with His Spirit living in all.

The Bible promises spiritual power when the Spirit comes into you.”
He enables you not to cower when the devil seeks to consume you.
The Holy Spirit gives wisdom and strength to fight the good fight each day.
He will guide your mind and heart as you kneel before God to pray.

Just as Elijah fought the good fight and passed the mantle on,
God has given us the might to fight through the night til dawn.
The Spirit of God will never leave us; His presence will ever be there
Enabling us to win the lost as we travel to heaven so fair.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Death of Ahab

1 Kings 22

In the last chapter Ahab was humbled in sackcloth and with fasting.
However the record will now reveal his repentance was not long-lasting.
When Jehoshaphat came for a visit one day, they spoke of their enemies.
They decided a treaty to fight together may be their remedy.

Jehoshaphat sought a prophetic word that God would approve the attack,
So Ahab called for his 400 prophets, who were really 400 quacks.
The prophets told the assembled kings: “They’re given into your hands.”
Jehoshaphat said, “Hold everything. Is there a prophet of God in the land?”

“Yes, there is one I hate to hear. Micaiah is his name.
Every time when he comes near, his prophecies are the same.
Micaiah was summoned with these words, “Give a good word to the king.”
The prophet responded by telling him, “What the Lord says I will bring.”

The room was hushed as he spoke that day to people ranked low and high.
He said to Ahab, “The day you go forth is surely the day you will die.”
False Zedekiah stepped ahead and struck him on the face.
Micaiah said, “You will soon be running hard to find a hiding place.”

When Ahab finally went up to war, he dressed as a soldier plain.
He was sure on Jehoshaphat, the Syrian arrows would rain.
But when an archer raised his bow and released without aim or plan,
The arrow found a chink in the armor mortally wounding the man.

Ahab retreated and watched the battle in his chariot propped.
The blood flowed down inside his armor until his heart just stopped.
After his death the chariot was rinsed with the water flowing red.
The dogs of Samaria lapped up his blood just as the prophet had said.

Ahab thought he could outsmart God. What a foolish man!
If you think we Christians are odd, what is your back up plan?
What if you’re wrong and we are right about the gospel we tell.
It would mean that we are in heaven, but you are consigned to hell.

I am not writing arrogant words but with a humble plea.
That sin exists is beyond dispute. About that all agree.
Thousands of years of history record many of man’s fresh starts,
But only one man has ever changed the nature of our hearts.

This is the message the Bible shares, which Jesus came to effect:
God will change our wicked hearts when His gift we accept.
He will transform our life on earth; give peace at the end of our days.
We will be raised to eternal life to the glory of His praise.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Saturday, June 5, 2010

1 Kings--Part 13--The Message of Naboth's Vineyard

1 Kings 21

There is a reason why this account is placed in God’s Holy book.
Because it reveals evil unleashed, we should take a careful look.
First we see Naboth, a devout Jew, who was faithful to the Law.
Then Ahab and his malevolent queen, both with character flaws.

Naboth carefully tended his vineyard located next to the King.
Ahab thought, “What a bountiful garden this plot of ground would bring.”
“Naboth,” he said, “I want your ground. I’ll give you another field.”
But such a transaction would violate the Law so Naboth would not yield.

Ahab knew that Naboth was right, but he didn’t care at all.
It was no concern to him if he violated the law.
He went home and lay on his bed, pouting like a child.
He told his story to Jezebel and it really go her riled.

Jezebel abused her office and plotted with those in power.
They proclaimed a public fast to meet at a certain hour.
When Naboth arrived they said to him, “We have a charge to bring.
These men here will testify that you have cursed God and the king.”

Thus poor Naboth was falsely accused by those who had hardly known him.
Having been charged with blasphemy, the people were led to stone him.
This is how Ahab obtained the land and prepared it for his use,
But God in heaven saw their lie and moved to reveal the truth.

Elijah the prophet came to the king who had gone to take possession.
He said, “God has seen your pouting heart and Jezebel’s evil aggression.
Remember what happened to the heirs of Jeroboam and Baasha too?
God has pronounced the very same judgment on Jezebel and you.”

Ahab and Jezebel clearly stand for the destruction of evil unleashed.
As long as the devil has a clear hand, his evil will never cease.
Only the Spirit in the church has restrained him until this hour.
Oh what horror the world will face when the devil consolidates power!

The Bible tells us there is a time when peace on earth will end.
Jesus will come to get his church; to heaven the saints will ascend.
The Spirit’s power resident within will no longer restrain sin’s flood.
Now is the time to accept your salvation won by the Savior’s blood.

Look to the Lord, believe Him in faith; trust Him for saving grace.
Do not think the goodness of man is sufficient to embrace.
You are a sinner as all of us are. None of us deserve salvation.
The Lord is coming and you are lost, so end your procrastination.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Friday, June 4, 2010

Taken Captive by False Philosophies

Colossians 2:8

Elijah and the prophets of old warned of idolatry.
The epic battle on Mount Carmel was a strike against heresy.
The people departed from the truth following the lie each day.
The deceptive power of false teaching is still a problem today.

The church contended from early days for truth to reign supreme.
The Fathers sought to protect the flock from Satan’s evil schemes.
The battle has raged throughout the years, the scriptures sounding alarm,
For the devil fuels a relentless intent to bring us sorrow and harm.

There is a heresy heartily proclaimed by third century teacher Arius.
He claimed our Lord was a lesser God, an erroneous teaching nefarious.
He taught the Father created Christ and called Him his only Son.
Early heroes disputed this lie until the battle was won.

Another heresy alive today claims man can become a god.
You listen to the living prophet while walking on this sod.
If you work hard, give of your goods, become a priest that’s true,
When you die your name will be called and you will be a god too.

The first of these heresies described herein is still alive today.
Millions are held in its strong grip following a false pathway.
Its adherents emphasize works to show Jehovah their fitness
To enter into Paradise Earth as a loyal Jehovah’s Witness.

The second lie with teaching so odd is also a cult like the first.
Though its men strive to be gods, its doctrine is false and cursed.
The scripture proclaims there is one God. It affirms there is no other.
True salvation cannot be earned by calling a Mormon your brother.

Many are trapped in false systems today who need to be set free.
Somehow they must hear the truth and see it in you and me.
When they place their trust in Christ, their life is never the same.
So let us continue to declare God’s Word and glorify His name.

Colossians 2:8
See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. (NIV)

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved