Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Instructions for Daily Living

Proverbs 10

A wise man makes his father glad; this is an admirable thing.
The foolish makes his mother sad; his shame is a constant sting.

Money gained by wicked deeds cannot purchase respect,
But when righteousness proceeds, it has the opposite effect.

The godly man will always eat, for he belongs to the Lord.
Frustration reigns o’er those who cheat. They will receive no reward.

If you are lazy listen to this: You can expect to be poor.
Slothfulness is never bliss: this you can know for sure.

The wise man works hard in the summer fields gathering the crops.
The sluggard sleeps in, stupidity creeps in and all the blessings stop.

The godly receive His blessings. Many good memories have they.
The life of the wicked is distressing. His memory will fade away.

The wise man receives instruction; the fool just babbles away.
Integrity will avoid destruction; dishonesty leads you astray.

The earnings of the godly man will bless him without and within.
The ill-gotten gain of the evil man is squandered away in sin.

Hiding hatred makes you a liar, to slander makes you a fool.
He who is wise has a desire to live by the Golden Rule.

The words of the godly encourage many. Often their word will rule.
Don’t speak at all if you lack common sense, for you will be labeled a fool.

When the storms of life blow hard, the wicked are whirled away,
But the righteous man has a sure foundation. He is here to stay.

Fear of the Lord lengthens your life; wickedness cuts it short.
A life devoid of sin and strife is the kind of life I support.

There are many very wise proverbs found in this wonderful book
So why not open your family Bible and take a discerning look?

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