Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Father's Instruction about Love and Sex

Proverbs 5

What I have to say, my son, will make my face quite red,
But I need to say it clear; it is what God has said.
Listen closely, pay attention; the topic is complex.
God has given for husband and wife the wonderful gift of sex.

There are women in the world with lips as sweet as honey
Who pervert the gift God gave in exchange for money.
Foolish men seek them out for momentary pleasure
Surrendering honor and respect while squandering their treasure.

Rejecting truth, embracing sin with attitude so haughty,
They find themselves diseased within—both in mind and body.
They cry in anguish in the end, their hearts are filled with pain;
Addictive drugs and pornography rule o’er them unrestrained.

Find the wife God has for you. Give her all your love.
Your sexual union is God’s gift given from heaven above.
Each is a well of love for the other so keep it sweet and pure.
Reserving yourself only for the other makes your love endure.

Remember the beauty of your wife; give her lots of praise.
Tell her how she thrills your soul; sets your heart ablaze.
Honor her and care for her; walk with her in truth.
Satisfy your loving desire with the wife of your youth.

The Lord sees all that happens to men watching the paths they take.
The foolish are trapped again and again by the decisions they make.
Many surrender eternal life pursuing this worldly role.
How sad it is to embrace the lie only to lose your soul!

Take heed, my son, these words are true. Let wisdom rule in your heart.
Let understanding carry you through with direction it will impart.
Talk with God, seek His face; serve Him all of your days,
For there are present and future rewards for all who walk in His ways.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Father's Advice to His Son

Proverbs 4

When I was still my father’s son, my mother’s little boy,
I learned truths when I was young, truths I still employ.

My father taught me about my heart, about its disposition;
How I must stay true to God to keep it in submission.

He taught the value of God’s Word for wisdom by which to live.
No greater truths I ever heard than these he had to give:

“Get wisdom, my son, and understanding essential to success.
Say ‘no’ to all the flesh is demanding, for this you must possess.”

If you will embrace this truth each day, honor will come to you.
You will be crowned with glory and grace before your years are through.

When you walk the pathway of life, there will be light to see.
Be sure to seek the Lord’s advice, for therein is the key.

Stay away from evil paths. When you see one turn around,
For wicked men lie in wait seeking to strike you down.

Evil men rob and kill becoming more violent still.
They drink the wine of cruelty and practice their killing skill.

The righteous pathway shines like the sun, gets brighter through the day,
But the wicked stumble as they run, for evil has led them astray.

So listen my son, trust God’s Word; plant it deep in your heart.
Let it reveal the righteous path from which you never depart.

Guard your heart and eyes, my son. Keep perversity from your tongue.
This will bring peace and joy on earth and heaven when this life is done.

I hope you listen well, my son, for whom I feel such pride.
Pursue the plan God has for you and the one who walks alongside.

I pray your home will resound with joy as little ones laugh and sup.
I pray that they too will hear these words and drink from the wisdom cup.”

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

An Ounce of Holy Prevention

Proverbs 3

My son do not forget My law, be true to My commands;
A longer life will come to you by following their demands.

Keep truth and mercy in your heart; bind them around your neck.
They will faithfully do their part to keep your life in check.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding,
Keep yourself firmly on God’s path; honor what He is commanding.

Don’t follow the wisdom of human minds in your walk with the Lord.
His truth and wisdom will combine with health as your reward.

Honor the Lord from all you earn. For many this is a test.
Those who faithfully give to Him will be richly blessed.

Be sure to respect the Lord’s reproof; He disciplines all He loves.
He who is wise responds to rebuke for it comes from heaven above.

Keep sound judgment close at hand; discernment clearly in sight,
They will prevent heartache and pain that flows from sin and strife.

Always be ready to help the deserving if it’s within your power.
Never delay your decisive action until a later hour.

Do not plot against your neighbor living nearby in peace,
For you will incur the Lord’s disfavor causing His blessings to cease.

Don’t withhold good for whom it is due if you’re able to bless him.
Loving others as God loves you is sure to please and impress Him.

Believers inherit blessings from God because of what they do,
The wicked have only their life of shame—the legacy of a fool.

Make these proverbs your daily intention. Remain committed and sure.
You’ll find them to be God’s holy prevention essential to sin’s cure.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Great Value of Wisdom

Proverbs 2

If you value His Words so true and follow His commands,
If sin’s evil you eschew with all its attendant demands,
If you seek with all your heart as searching for hidden treasure,
Wisdom from heaven God will impart in ever-increasing measure.

Victory comes from God above. It’s granted to the upright.
He is a shield to those He loves, a Light that shines so bright.
Wisdom directs the just and fair guiding them each day.
There is nothing to compare with living our life God’s way.

Wisdom saves me from evil men with wicked ways perverse,
For evil tempts again and again with arguments well rehearsed.
Wisdom saves from the wicked flirt who left her husband to play.
All who follow her swinging skirt will regret it on Judgment Day.

Godly wisdom if embraced will keep us on paths that are true.
It will help us run the race in all we say and do.
Now we see evil on the increase as sinners drink long at its trough,
But soon the godly will live in peace and the wicked will be cut off.

Today is the day of your salvation. Don’t waste this drop of time.
Stop flirting with eternal damnation, refusing God’s grace sublime.
Today if you hear the Spirit call, get down upon your knees.
Confess your sin, give Him your all; be healed from sin’s disease.

God will hear your cry today and cleanse you from all sin.
He will lift the heavy load, give peace and joy within.
You will feel a brand new love knowing you belong to Him
Redeemed and loved by the One above; freed from the curse of sin.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wisdom is Calling Out to You

Proverbs 1

God has recorded wisdom for man
With practical truth to observe.
Try to read daily if you can
From Solomon’s sage proverbs.

If you are wise in the eyes of men
You can be wiser still.
Read the Proverbs again and again,
Their truths and wisdom distill.

Receive correction from your dad;
Heed your mother’s instruction.
It will keep you from paths that are bad;
Protect you from sin’s seduction.

Sinners will say, “Come join us.
We ambush to kill and steal.
Flee from such. Don’t stop to discuss
The evil intent they reveal.

Wicked, lazy rebels like these
Bring judgment swift and sure.
Flee from sin’s deceptive plea,
Keep yourself strong and pure.

Even a bird when it sees a trap
Knows it must fly away.
But greedy fools are soon entrapped
They’re fodder for Judgment Day.

Wisdom cries aloud in the street
Amazed at man’s inattention.
She sees a fool whose life is replete
With actions beyond comprehension.

If you have been a fool for years
You would be wise to take heed.
Judgment is coming. There’s much to fear;
Forgiveness and grace you need.

Lucky for all, our God is love
Filled with redeeming grace.
Forgiveness and grace go hand in glove
When His truth you embrace.

Repent of your sin. Turn around.
Place your trust in Christ.
He will put you on higher ground
And give you eternal life.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Galatians 6:7

There is a law we all should heed
As we live each day on this earth.
You will find it mighty indeed
But please understand it first.

It is a law that is universal,
Immense in its application.
You can be blessed by its daily rehearsal
Or doomed by its sure rotation.

The facts of this law you’ve already met;
It’s the source of both joy and weeping.
What you sow is what you will get,
It’s the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

In what circumstances will this law work?
It applies in all that you do.
Unkind words and deeds you shirk
Will surely come back to you

You will reap if you sow,
A fact that stands without doubt.
The nature of the seed that is sown
Is reproduced in the sprout.

You will reap what you sow.
Think clearly about that fact.
If heartache and sorrow you would forego,
Be careful of how you act.

If love and respect is what you desire,
Then that is what you give out.
Choose to encourage and inspire
In whatever you speak about.

Whatever you sow, you will get more.
In addition, then multiplication.
Blessings or curses are in store
Unhindered by limitation.

We shall reap if we do not lose heart
So keep on doing what’s right.
Pursue what is good and do your part
Keeping this law in sight.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved