Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God is Able to Meet All Your Needs

God is Able to Meet all Your Needs
2 Corinthians 9:7-8

God is able to meet all your needs:
A word from the scripture true.
In all of your ways follow His lead;
It’s amazing what He will do.

Our Lord will make all grace abound
So that His blessings flow
Causing your praises to resound
As your giving begins to grow.

You will receive all that you need
To share with others each day.
You trust in faith and plant the seed
With joy and not with dismay.

God loves a giver whose heart is pure,
The one who finds joy in giving.
His mind is at rest, for He is secure
In the values by which he is living.

He, who supplied the seed to the sower
Will increase your store of seed,
Providing bread from the field of the grower,
In increasing measure indeed.

You will be rich in every way,
In grace, in truth, and deed.
You will be generous every day
Blessed to help those in need.

Such service brings praise to God above
For doing what He says is right.
Many will lift their voices in love
While praying both day and night.

In prayer their hearts will go out to you
Though they cannot see your face
Knowing that God has brought them through
Because of His wondrous grace.

This is the God we serve so true,
Our Father, the Ancient of Days.
To Him we ascribe the glory due;
To Him we give honor and praise.

© Copyright 2012 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

The Law of Sowing and Reaping

Here are some truths the Bible reviews,
Keen insights into God’s heart.
Five pictures of His provision true
That set the Christian apart.

The Windows of Heaven open wide
Through which He pours out His grace.
Blessings come down, a full supply,
To all who will seek His face.

The Bank of Heaven contains the deeds
Of houses and stocks, and land.
The Banker stands ready to meet our need
With provision He has on hand.

Our barns will be full and vats overflow
When we bring the firstfruits to Him.
Many believers, their faith being slow,
Wait too many years to begin.

We must remember the Harvest Law
It came from the lips of God.
We ponder this truth with wonder and awe
As we sow in this earthly sod.

Here are four truths you need to know:
You reap only if you sow,
You reap only what you sow,
You reap more than you sow;
You reap later after you sow.

So hesitate not, get on the go,
Sow your seed and watch it grow.
By investing your life in God’s design,
You will reap well at harvest time.

© Copyright 2012 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Embrace the Joy of Christian Giving

I learned six truths about giving today--
Truths from God’s Word, not what men say;
Truths that teach me how I should live,
And the joy I receive as I learn to give.

I learned to give myself to God first,
My will in His, completely submersed.
I am bought with a price; I’m not my own.
These things I enjoy He’s given on loan

I respond to God with a joyful heart;
No grudging response as I do my part.
My spirit enjoys a renaissance
When giving freely is my response.

Someday soon I will give account
For what I did with the great amount
That God freely gave to meet my need
And also to give as He decreed.

I learned to release what is His anyway,
To bring my offering on the Lord’s Day.
I do not give to hear man’s praise;
I simply desire to live God’s way.

I learned every time I receive my pay
To bring my gift the next Lord’s day.
By giving with order and discipline
It strengthens me and pleases Him.

I learned of God’s Promise to supply.
If the well of my riches ever goes dry,
He will never stand idly by
Forsaking His servant until I die.

God can be trusted to meet all our need.
So don’t be afraid to follow His lead.
If you would find joy in Christian living,
Embrace the grace of Christian giving.