Monday, November 8, 2010

Pithy Proverbs for Personal Practice

Proverbs 13

1A wise son heeds his father’s instruction. The scoffer never learns.
He is headed for self destruction, a matter of grave concern.

3If you learn to guard your tongue, you will improve your life.
Hasty words carelessly flung are followed by anger and strife.

4The sluggard craves material treasure, yet he ends up poor.
He who places work before pleasure will be blessed and secure.

5Godliness guards the righteous man because he loves God’s Word.
Those who are evil scoff at this plan; their selfishness is preferred.

9A godly life is like a bright lamp reflecting heaven’s pure light.
The evil man will find himself camped in eternity’s darkest night.

11Stay away from get-rich schemes; your money will fade away.
Make saving your prudent money theme and you will win the day.

12Hope deferred makes a heart sick so put action to your dreams.
A house is built brick upon brick until the dream you redeem.

15Common sense will guide a man with careful, constructive deduction.
The impulsive man without a plan is headed for certain destruction.

18He who refuses sage direction inherits only disgrace.
He who listens with reflection creates for himself a place.

21Trouble chases sinners, my friend, and it never loses a race.
Blessings and honor come without end to those who seek God’s face.

22A good man leaves an inheritance for generations yet to come.
The best inheritance you can leave is to show them what God has done.

Some leave money, houses, and land; items cherished from youth,
But there is no greater legacy than a life of love and truth.

24The scripture says to spare the rod is the same as hating your son.
To fail to teach him love and respect is to leave the job half done.

These wise proverbs Solomon wrote to help us think more clearly.
Though they serve well as a pithy quote, it’s best to live them sincerely.

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