Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Father's Instruction about Love and Sex

Proverbs 5

What I have to say, my son, will make my face quite red,
But I need to say it clear; it is what God has said.
Listen closely, pay attention; the topic is complex.
God has given for husband and wife the wonderful gift of sex.

There are women in the world with lips as sweet as honey
Who pervert the gift God gave in exchange for money.
Foolish men seek them out for momentary pleasure
Surrendering honor and respect while squandering their treasure.

Rejecting truth, embracing sin with attitude so haughty,
They find themselves diseased within—both in mind and body.
They cry in anguish in the end, their hearts are filled with pain;
Addictive drugs and pornography rule o’er them unrestrained.

Find the wife God has for you. Give her all your love.
Your sexual union is God’s gift given from heaven above.
Each is a well of love for the other so keep it sweet and pure.
Reserving yourself only for the other makes your love endure.

Remember the beauty of your wife; give her lots of praise.
Tell her how she thrills your soul; sets your heart ablaze.
Honor her and care for her; walk with her in truth.
Satisfy your loving desire with the wife of your youth.

The Lord sees all that happens to men watching the paths they take.
The foolish are trapped again and again by the decisions they make.
Many surrender eternal life pursuing this worldly role.
How sad it is to embrace the lie only to lose your soul!

Take heed, my son, these words are true. Let wisdom rule in your heart.
Let understanding carry you through with direction it will impart.
Talk with God, seek His face; serve Him all of your days,
For there are present and future rewards for all who walk in His ways.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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