Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Judgment Seat of Christ

The Judgment Seat of Christ
2 Corinthians 5:10

I had a dream one fateful night with a message strong to behold.
The rapture trumpet pierced the night, the call to young and old.

Graves were open to the sky yielding the body contained.
I saw each person take to the fly no longer by death restrained.

I too was caught up to the sky, for the Savior was calling His bride.
To this world, I bid goodbye with thousands by my side.

Soon I saw the streets of gold and saints from every age,
Saints whose very lives were sold, who faced the devil’s rage.

An angel announced the wedding feast and the marriage of the Son
To His church from sin released, the bride the Savior won.

But first there would be a Judgment Day with Christ at the Bema Seat.
This meeting is not a time to pray but to examine the balance sheet.

I saw folks considered great who squirmed at what was revealed.
Selfish motives sealed their fate with rewards forever repealed.

Many there were who talked a good game, but the Judgment was thorough indeed.
They bowed their heads in regret and shame for failing their brother in need.

I saw a humble, lowly man whom Jesus placed on high.
He daily sought the Savior’s plan; never turned a blind eye.

He was exalted with heaven’s praise for serving the King of Kings;
Appointed by Jesus for thousands of days as ruler o’er many things.

I trembled as I stood in line considering my earthly life.
I remembered those awful times my heart was filled with strife.

I wondered what the outcome would be when Jesus examined my heart.
Would there be anything left to see that would a reward impart?

Then came that fateful moment in time when Jesus looked into my face.
“I saw how you wanted your light to shine when you trusted my saving grace.”

“Yes, you had many faults indeed, but your service was faithful and true.
I note your desire my words to heed; I have a crown for you.”

Just then I awoke my heart aflame to respond to the Savior’s call.
I resolved to make it my highest aim to give my Master my all.

“Make me a slave,” I cried aloud. “Forbid that I play the fool!
May my heart be soil plowed yielding fruit for You.”

Monday, October 3, 2011

Make Me a Slave to Righteousness

Make Me a Slave to Righteousness
Romans 6:16

The message here is clear to see
No man is free from slavery.
Choose carefully the God you serve;
Your life is open for all to observe.

Grace proclaims that we are set free.
No longer can sin claim mastery.
Though slavery to sin, the flesh will crave
I choose to become a righteous slave.

Make me a slave, a righteous tool.
Forbid that I play the part of a fool!
I have been raised to new life in Christ
Dead to foul sin’s attempt to entice.

Renew my mind, transform my heart.
Strengthen my will to do my part.
I trust the promise of spiritual power
To walk with you, Lord, hour by hour.

Then when the candle of life grows dim
And my spirit departs and returns to Him;
The moment I see my Savior’s face—
I will know fully His wondrous grace.

Monday, February 28, 2011

The Prodigal Son and the Road to Egypt

The Prodigal was a restless man
Who turned aside from God’s best plan
To walk the road of fleshly pleasure
Squandering his inherited treasure.

He spent freely on all his friends
Until his money came to an end.
By following plans of his own design
He found himself a herder of swine.

Dirty, dusty, hungry and hot,
He realized now that he was not
Living the truths his father taught
But a victim of Satan’s devious plot.

“My father’s servants live better than me.
I will go home a servant to be.
I will seek my father’s favor;
Then as a servant, faithfully labor.

The father in love watched from afar
For His son who followed the wandering star.
He ran to meet him with warm embrace
Extending his love and healing grace.

If you have been down the Egyptian Road
Heed the truth the Scripture has told.
Come bow your head and bend your knee
To the only One who can set you free.

Remember the faithfulness of your God;
Forsake this path upon which you trod.
Return to the One whose love is true;
He will restore the joy you once knew.

Come to the altar of surrender
Admit you are a spiritual pretender.
Today if you hear the Spirit call
Come kneel before God; give Him your all.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Special Memories of My Son

On the Occasion of his 29th birthday

I’ll never forget the day you arrived, a happy and jovial lad.
How it warmed my heart inside to hear you call me “dad.”

You climbed up on the top-most bunk and laid your head to rest.
In the night I heard a ker plunk: you had fallen from your nest.

I picked you up and held you tight; your fear soon went away.
You were anxious for morning to come, so you could get up and play.

Because it was your birthday week, we had a party one night.
I still remember your joyful shriek when you saw your brand new bike.

I remember the day we prayed, when Jesus came into your heart;
Knowing with joy He had come to stay, to set your life apart.

I also remember the daily bike ride pedaling through city streets
Picking up bottles cast aside with stops at McDonald’s for treats?

I will never forget the time when you were in third grade.
That was when this son of mine embarked on a homework crusade.

You dramatically changed your ways; your work went from “C’s” to “A’s”
Earning your father-teacher’s praise; good grades had arrived to stay.

Learning to drive was a really big chore as you struggled to brake and shift.
I thought perhaps our life was o’er as you backed us off the cliff.

I will always remember the special day when Regina became your bride.
She is the one for whom we had prayed to be your helpmate and pride.

And now there is news that brings me joy, which sets my heart aflame.
Soon a new baby girl or boy will carry our family name.

There are memories in heart and mind, too numerous for me to write,
But I want to tell you one more time: You are your father’s delight.

Happy Birthday, Son.

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine's Also My Mate

It’s better we married late in life,
For I was not worthy of you.
I was in need of God’s pruning knife
My selfish will to subdue.

But with the passing years of time
Through pain in body and soul,
I learned to say, “Not my will but Thine”
And yielded to His control.

God gave you grace in refining fire
Through heartache and loss so cruel.
Knowing not what next would transpire
Into His arms you flew.

You immersed yourself in God’s Holy Word
Growing in wisdom and might.
Knowing our Lord would use what occurred
To bring others into the light.

Then one day with my heart on the mend
And my stubborn will now resolved,
You became my very best friend;
My loneliness simply dissolved.

I knew I had found the one I loved
Whose heart I will ever cherish.
Knowing it was given from God above
Never to fade or perish.

This is my 18th valentine, dear,
Since our very first date.
I want to shout out for all to hear,
“My valentine’s also my mate.”