Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hear the Word of the Lord

Jeremiah 26-27

Jeremiah stood in the temple yard to tell the people their fate.
This is the message given by God the prophet was called to state:
“If you do not listen carefully; decide to do what is right,
Jerusalem will become like Shiloh when it suffered its terrible plight.”

(Shiloh was honored to be the place where the people met their Lord.
The tabernacle was located there; the Ark of the Covenant stored.
But when Israel strayed away from God and lost the ark in war,
Shiloh became a desolate city, a place to be shunned and ignored.)

When the officials heard this word they seized the prophet and said,
“This man prophesies against us. We think he deserves to be dead.”
Jeremiah then repeated God’s Word: “Reform and change your ways.
God may soften the coming judgment but only if you obey.”

Uriah and Micah also gave a confirming Word of correction.
The people decided the word was true and lifted their disaffection.
Once again the prophet was spared protected by God’s mighty hand,
But there were additional words from God to proclaim throughout the land.

There came a day when Jeremiah strapped a yoke upon his neck.
He warned Zedekiah of many false prophets and their lying effects.
“Bow to the yoke of bondage I sent; serve Nebuchadnezzar the king,
But if you resist and follow false prophets, you will lose everything.”

But false Hananiah took the yoke that Jeremiah had fashioned.
He smashed the yoke into the ground swinging with might and passion.
“Within two years,” this prophet said, “this foreign yoke will be broken.
Hear me now as I speak to you, for this is a word well spoken.”

Jeremiah responded in this way: “Hananiah that’s a good try.
Sadly you have persuaded these people to follow a bald-faced lie.
I have another word from God that everyone needs to hear:
God is about to remove you from earth. Your death will come this year.”

Hananiah passed in the seventh month just as the prophet had said.
It’s a reminder to follow the Word and not the thoughts of your head.
The Bible is our source of truth as we seek out God’s direction.
Modern day prophets will surely fail, but His Word is utter perfection.

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