Thursday, June 30, 2016

Proverbs 22: Truths that will Transform your Life

Truths that will Transform your Life
Proverbs 22:1, 3, 6, 7, 8,9,10,11,13,16

A good name is better than riches, God’s favor better than gold.
A soul that faithfully served its Maker knows peace, as it slowly grows old.

There is a reward for humility, for holding our God in awe.
Heaven is filled with riches and honor, joy that we answered the call.

Teach your children the ways of God as you raise them on this earth.
You want them to be a light to their world proclaiming salvation’s new birth.

There is a truth about borrowing, one that will drive itself home:
Borrowing leads to sorrowing until you repay the loan.

In life we frequently see injustice from those who cheat and steal,
But God has a rod to punish such men. Its sting they surely will feel.

Do you exhibit a generous heart? Do you care about those in need?
As you continually do your part, God will bless you indeed.

Remove the scoffer from your presence; treat quarreling and strife like disease.
The peace of God will fill your mind, putting your soul at ease.

I have a young friend whose heart is pure, whose words are kind and gracious.
That is why I remain so sure he is destined to serve with greatness.

The sluggard is a man of excuses: “There’s a lion out in the street.”
A lazy man and his foolish thesis will never be whole and complete.

The evil man who oppresses the poor to increase his wealth and wages,
To poverty he, himself, will descend whether sudden or in stages.

What do we learn from these truths? How does it affect our living?
We learn to abandon the habits of fools and embrace these proverbs life-giving.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Thoughts to Remember from Proverbs 21

Thoughts to Remember from Proverbs 21
 Read Verses 1, 3, 6, 15, 23, 26, 30, 31

Every great and powerful king thinks he is in control
But there is One in heaven above who knows this is not so.
Sovereign Lord, Almighty Creator, the Beginning and the End
Turns the hearts of human leaders be they foe or friend.

Nebuchadnezzar, Tigleth-pilesar, Cyrus, the Persian King,
Mighty rulers but subject to God, in virtually everything.
All were sinners; none were saints, but God moved their inclination
To make the decision He desired for Israel’s continuation.

To live in justice and honesty is more pleasing to our Creator
Than offering meaningless sacrifice and continue as a hater.
“By their fruit, you shall know them,” said our Lord so dear,
So this is a proverb to put into practice all our remaining years.

Gaining a treasure by lying deceit is a sinful process indeed.
The sinner is playing with danger; judgment is guaranteed.
Justice will be a joy to the godly; the wicked will tremble in fear.
Concerning judgment for those who are evil, the Bible is crystal clear.

Guard your tongue; shut your mouth. That’s how you stay out of trouble.
Ignore this counsel only to learn your trouble will likely double.
The greedy man always shouts for more, but the righteous love to give.
Treasure is what the first man adores, but the righteous eternally lives.

No human wisdom, or crafty plan can stand against the Lord.
His depth of knowledge is far too deep for mankind to explore.
The wicked will plan and prepare their weapons, but they will not prevail.
God’s plan and purpose will not be thwarted. Our God will never fail.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Nuggets of Wisdom from Proverbs 20

                                            Nuggets of Wisdom from Proverbs 20
                                                   Verses 1, 4, 7, 11, 12, 16, 17, 19, 23

We find advice in God’s Word to sagely live our life,
To conduct it wisely undeterred by needless heartache and strife.
Consider carefully what it teaches; incline your heart to learning,
For it reveals strong character and a knack for truth and discerning.

There are companions in this world you would be wise to avoid
Those who grow close to them eventually are destroyed.
I’m speaking of wine and spirits; they dull the mind and soul
Producing heartache and sorrow for those who lose control.

A wise and honorable person eschews argument and strife.
Arguments needlessly stir up angst destroying the quality of life.
Unlike the sluggard who does not plow and fails to reap good fruit
The prudent man works hard and saves proving to be astute.

The man who leads a righteous life blesses his child and grandchildren.
The wisdom of a godly grandparent is valued more than millions.
Every child is known by his deeds, for they form his reputation.
With thanksgiving for godly tradition, encourage such consecration.

Ears that hear and eyes that see — the Lord has made them both.
                             Use them not for depravity but accentuate spiritual growth.
Love sleep too much? You will grow poor; stay awake, earn food to spare.
You will be glad that you worked hard while sluggards are in despair.

Food gained by fraud may taste sweet, but it’s truly a mouth full of gravel.
Living your life in dishonest fraud will  cause it to unravel.
The Lord has eyes on all who cheat; dishonesty does not please Him.
The Great Throne Judgment is far too late to repent and seek to appease Him.

The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the glory of age.
If you ask me which I choose, it would be this final stage.
No good looks, no mighty strength, no gold or flattering career
Can surpass the peace I enjoy knowing that Christ is near.

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Have You Trained for War?

Have You Trained for War:
Judges 3:1-4

From the beginning it was God’s plan to give Israel the Promised Land.
He sovereignly led Abraham there. The land was for him and all of his heirs.

Israel prospered through trials stout until the land was burdened by drought.
That is how Israel landed in Egypt. It was easy to go there but hard to leave it.

They were enslaved four hundred years til God told Moses "Deliver your peers."
Moses led Israel by God’s mighty hand. After him Joshua led the strange band.

God brought them to the promised border, said “be of good courage,” and gave the order.
With him was Caleb, an old man of might, who helped teach the young folks how to fight.

The war wasn’t won by the diplomat corps; the land had to be taken by force in war.
Joshua led his troops into battle seizing the land, the homes and the cattle.

This story repeats for each generation, for the battle continues without cessation.
So learn now this truth unwise to ignore: It’s time to man up and train for war.

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The Abrahamic Covenant

                            The Abrahamic Covenant
                                    Genesis 17-18:15
Twelve years after Ishmael was born, to Abram the Lord appeared.
The Lord was ready to covenant with him because of his reverent fear.
Abram fell on his face before God, the Creator told him His plan.
“Because you’ll father many nations, your name is now Abraham.” *

My covenant with you is everlasting beginning with Sarah’s son.
It will continue to all your descendents in generations to come.
Abraham pondered in his heart, “Does he know I’m a hundred years?
It seems to me we’re both too old for a child to be born here.”

God told him about the covenant and the sign of circumcision,
For he would father a chosen people to live as God envisioned.
Abram quickly obeyed his God and circumcised all his men
Establishing this sign for every male as each generation began.

One day Abram sat in his tent avoiding the noonday heat,
The Son of God appeared again His promise to repeat.
Sarah hastened to make some bread and Abram prepared a calf.
When she heard she would conceive, she couldn’t suppress a laugh.

The Son of God, in angelic form, understood she felt ignored.
He spoke loudly for Sarah to hear, “Is this too hard for the Lord?
At the soon-appointed time your hearts will be filled with joy,
For Sarah will hold in her loving arms a healthy baby boy.

Even though the promise came from Jehovah face to face,
It still required Abraham to trust the Lord by faith.
The same is true of you and me as we walk this Christian road.
We trust the promises in His Word until they are bestowed.

* Note: Abram means “Exalted Father,” but Abraham means “Father of Multitudes.”
   Sarai means “Which See,” but Sarah means “Princess.”

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