Monday, October 3, 2011

Make Me a Slave to Righteousness

Make Me a Slave to Righteousness
Romans 6:16

The message here is clear to see
No man is free from slavery.
Choose carefully the God you serve;
Your life is open for all to observe.

Grace proclaims that we are set free.
No longer can sin claim mastery.
Though slavery to sin, the flesh will crave
I choose to become a righteous slave.

Make me a slave, a righteous tool.
Forbid that I play the part of a fool!
I have been raised to new life in Christ
Dead to foul sin’s attempt to entice.

Renew my mind, transform my heart.
Strengthen my will to do my part.
I trust the promise of spiritual power
To walk with you, Lord, hour by hour.

Then when the candle of life grows dim
And my spirit departs and returns to Him;
The moment I see my Savior’s face—
I will know fully His wondrous grace.