Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prescriptions for Success or Failure

Proverbs 18

1 An unfriendly fellow does his own thing ignoring common sense.
The space between his two deaf ears is empty and immense.

2 Fools don’t see the other man’s thought; they love to talk and opine.
They fail to see the things they ought, for the eyes of their heart are blind.

4 Wise words are scarce; in deep waters buried, difficult to find,
So cherish the wisdom that flows forth from the wise man’s mind.

5 You can’t be partial to the transgressor and punish the righteous man.
Let’s see you try to explain it to God. I’d like to see if you can.

7 The mouth of a fool is his undoing, his lips a snare to his soul.
8 Each morsel of gossip he is reviewing eradicates self control.

9 The lazy employee slothful in toil is brother to one who tears down.
For failing to till his spiritual soil, he forfeits heaven’s crown.

10 The name of the Lord is my strong tower. Through Him I am secure.
Though demons attack with spiritual power, in Him I am safe and sure.

12 Before I was humbled I was proud, for I was a special guy.
Then I stumbled and with head bowed, I wished that I could die.

Humility always precedes honor; the humble get God’s attention.
In my pride I was a goner, but now I have comprehension.

13 To speak before knowing all the facts will make one look like a fool.
Once you talk or too quickly act, there is nothing you can do.

19 An offended brother is hard to win back. He puts up walls of defense.
So bring a halt to your wordy attack and return to common sense.

21 The tongue has the power of life and death, of healing or corruption.
Those who love it will it will eat its fruit, for blessing or destruction.

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