Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Psalm One--The Man Who is Blessed

Psalm One

I know a man, who is truly blessed,
Whose life is free of turmoil and stress.
He doesn’t hang with the wrong kind of friends,
For his sinful ways have come to an end.

His life is now guided by God’s sure Word.
He’s soaking in scripture, his heart is stirred.
He’s like a tree with a strong tap root—
Well-watered, not withered; producing good fruit.

He finds his delight in his Living Lord
Who paid the sin ransom he couldn’t afford.
He lives in peace above condemnation
Forgiven, redeemed by the God of Creation.

Along with the righteous the wicked abound.
Rejecting the message the Gospel sounds.
They’re like the chaff, the empty husk,
Blown far from the stream along with the dust.

They have no fruit to present to the Master;
They’re marching toward eternal disaster.
They cruise to old age from days of youth
Believing the lie, rejecting the truth.

God cares for all whose ways are right.
They’re ever before Him day and night.
The righteous soul the Lord will cherish,
But all who reject Him are destined to perish.

The plan of salvation is spiritual birth,
Pardon for sin and purpose on earth.
The scripture declares that when we believe
Our sins are forgiven; new life we receive.

This life we now live will come to an end.
The life that’s eternal will then begin.
So what will it be for you, dear friend,
Heaven with Him or hell that won’t end?

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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