Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Father's Advice to His Son

Proverbs 4

When I was still my father’s son, my mother’s little boy,
I learned truths when I was young, truths I still employ.

My father taught me about my heart, about its disposition;
How I must stay true to God to keep it in submission.

He taught the value of God’s Word for wisdom by which to live.
No greater truths I ever heard than these he had to give:

“Get wisdom, my son, and understanding essential to success.
Say ‘no’ to all the flesh is demanding, for this you must possess.”

If you will embrace this truth each day, honor will come to you.
You will be crowned with glory and grace before your years are through.

When you walk the pathway of life, there will be light to see.
Be sure to seek the Lord’s advice, for therein is the key.

Stay away from evil paths. When you see one turn around,
For wicked men lie in wait seeking to strike you down.

Evil men rob and kill becoming more violent still.
They drink the wine of cruelty and practice their killing skill.

The righteous pathway shines like the sun, gets brighter through the day,
But the wicked stumble as they run, for evil has led them astray.

So listen my son, trust God’s Word; plant it deep in your heart.
Let it reveal the righteous path from which you never depart.

Guard your heart and eyes, my son. Keep perversity from your tongue.
This will bring peace and joy on earth and heaven when this life is done.

I hope you listen well, my son, for whom I feel such pride.
Pursue the plan God has for you and the one who walks alongside.

I pray your home will resound with joy as little ones laugh and sup.
I pray that they too will hear these words and drink from the wisdom cup.”

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