Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Judgment Seat of Christ

The Judgment Seat of Christ
2 Corinthians 5:10

I had a dream one fateful night with a message strong to behold.
The rapture trumpet pierced the night, the call to young and old.

Graves were open to the sky yielding the body contained.
I saw each person take to the fly no longer by death restrained.

I too was caught up to the sky, for the Savior was calling His bride.
To this world, I bid goodbye with thousands by my side.

Soon I saw the streets of gold and saints from every age,
Saints whose very lives were sold, who faced the devil’s rage.

An angel announced the wedding feast and the marriage of the Son
To His church from sin released, the bride the Savior won.

But first there would be a Judgment Day with Christ at the Bema Seat.
This meeting is not a time to pray but to examine the balance sheet.

I saw folks considered great who squirmed at what was revealed.
Selfish motives sealed their fate with rewards forever repealed.

Many there were who talked a good game, but the Judgment was thorough indeed.
They bowed their heads in regret and shame for failing their brother in need.

I saw a humble, lowly man whom Jesus placed on high.
He daily sought the Savior’s plan; never turned a blind eye.

He was exalted with heaven’s praise for serving the King of Kings;
Appointed by Jesus for thousands of days as ruler o’er many things.

I trembled as I stood in line considering my earthly life.
I remembered those awful times my heart was filled with strife.

I wondered what the outcome would be when Jesus examined my heart.
Would there be anything left to see that would a reward impart?

Then came that fateful moment in time when Jesus looked into my face.
“I saw how you wanted your light to shine when you trusted my saving grace.”

“Yes, you had many faults indeed, but your service was faithful and true.
I note your desire my words to heed; I have a crown for you.”

Just then I awoke my heart aflame to respond to the Savior’s call.
I resolved to make it my highest aim to give my Master my all.

“Make me a slave,” I cried aloud. “Forbid that I play the fool!
May my heart be soil plowed yielding fruit for You.”