Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Call of Jeremiah

Jeremiah 1

After Josiah came four worthless kings as the time of captivity drew near.
Jeremiah was called as a prophet supreme, but the message they would not hear.
Read God’s Word and consider it well; the message is given for all,
For we will miss the purpose of life if we fail to heed God’s call.

Jeremiah, the son of Hilkiah, was raised in a righteous home.
His father was a priest who served when Josiah was on the throne.
In the thirteenth year of Josiah’s reign, Jeremiah heard the call.
The record reveals the challenging task he faced as he gave his all.

“Before I formed you in the womb I determined to make you mine.
I set you apart and gave you to Judah for this particular time.
I, your God, have made you a prophet and put your bones on fire,
For the people you serve have lost their way and are led by evil liars.”

“O God in heaven, why should I speak? To them I’m a tender youth.”
“Just go where I send you, say what you hear; proclaim the triumphant truth.
I’ve set you over nations and kings to root out and pull down.
You are called to refute the lies of those who will wear the crown.

A king from the North is coming soon to capture the holy city.
Because of Judah’s idolatry, I will turn from compassion and pity.
Prepare yourself, arise and go; proclaim the truths you have heard.
Do not be dismayed when they resist, for they will not heed the word.”

“They will fight but will not prevail against you,” says the Lord.
The king, the priests, and the princes will fail to resist the coming horde.
Judgment will come for the idolatry practiced throughout this land
Where people worship gods of wood fashioned by their own hand.”

So what is the message for us today? What can we learn from this?
What should we grasp as we kneel to pray? It’s meaning we must not miss.
We love our computers, our high def TV’s, the technology of the land.
Could these be considered the gods we love fashioned by our hands?

Lovers of pleasure and not of God, enslaved by money and greed—
Isn’t this a message of truth that people today should heed?
Let us not practice foolish delusion like the people of Judah embraced,
For soon the day of accounting will come when we meet Him face to face.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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