Friday, June 11, 2010

Captured by Greed

1 Kings 5

Naaman was a Syrian legend but not the hero here.
The hero is a servant girl who loved her Lord so dear.
She was captured in a raid and cared for Naaman’s wife.
This is all scripture reveals about her former life.

Naaman was a mighty warrior, a general in the land,
Fighting a tough opponent who had the upper hand.
He had beaten previous combatants employing ferocity,
But Naaman couldn’t foil the attack of dreaded leprosy.

This little maiden said one day, “I have a word for you.
There is a prophet in Israel who will tell you what to do.
If the master will seek his face the leprosy will fade;
The God of Israel is able to heal the people He has made.”

Naaman decided to take the advice, her wisdom to explore.
With silver, gold, and precious gifts he arrived at Elisha’s door.
He thought the prophet would cry aloud in a voice to make one quiver,
But Elisha simple directed him to bathe in the Jordan River.

The general’s pride of life was irked at this bland instruction.
He thought his position and prestige should warrant a greater production.
He fell into a fit of rage with words that could not be written,
But a wise servant counseled him to accept the prophet’s prescription.

Once, then twice, and still a third into the Jordan he dipped.
Nothing substantial had yet occurred, but he kept himself tight lipped.
Four, then five, and finally six, he dipped his way to seven.
When he came up from his seventh plunge, he saw his gift from heaven.

His flesh once foul and eaten away was now completely restored.
He returned to Elisha acknowledging God, attempting to give a reward.
Elisha refused, for God did the deed, and he would accept no gain.
That’s when greed captured Gehazi to his eternal shame.

After telling Naaman a lie, the servant received a prize.
The silver, gold, and quality clothes were appealing to his eyes.
He hid the money deep in his house, then stood before his master
Only to learn that greed and deceit bring with them pain and disaster.

Elisha said, “My dear Gehazi. Did you think I wouldn’t know?
Behold your skin has now become leprous, diseased and white as snow.
It will cling to you and descendents down through the generations.
You will learn to rue the day you yielded to temptation.”

Gehazi’s sin we must not forget; his actions never repeat.
Unchecked greed will only beget a life of lies and deceit.
Be like Elisha devoted to God, make Him your very first choice.
Then when the Day of Judgment arrives, you will surely rejoice.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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