Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Death of Ahab

1 Kings 22

In the last chapter Ahab was humbled in sackcloth and with fasting.
However the record will now reveal his repentance was not long-lasting.
When Jehoshaphat came for a visit one day, they spoke of their enemies.
They decided a treaty to fight together may be their remedy.

Jehoshaphat sought a prophetic word that God would approve the attack,
So Ahab called for his 400 prophets, who were really 400 quacks.
The prophets told the assembled kings: “They’re given into your hands.”
Jehoshaphat said, “Hold everything. Is there a prophet of God in the land?”

“Yes, there is one I hate to hear. Micaiah is his name.
Every time when he comes near, his prophecies are the same.
Micaiah was summoned with these words, “Give a good word to the king.”
The prophet responded by telling him, “What the Lord says I will bring.”

The room was hushed as he spoke that day to people ranked low and high.
He said to Ahab, “The day you go forth is surely the day you will die.”
False Zedekiah stepped ahead and struck him on the face.
Micaiah said, “You will soon be running hard to find a hiding place.”

When Ahab finally went up to war, he dressed as a soldier plain.
He was sure on Jehoshaphat, the Syrian arrows would rain.
But when an archer raised his bow and released without aim or plan,
The arrow found a chink in the armor mortally wounding the man.

Ahab retreated and watched the battle in his chariot propped.
The blood flowed down inside his armor until his heart just stopped.
After his death the chariot was rinsed with the water flowing red.
The dogs of Samaria lapped up his blood just as the prophet had said.

Ahab thought he could outsmart God. What a foolish man!
If you think we Christians are odd, what is your back up plan?
What if you’re wrong and we are right about the gospel we tell.
It would mean that we are in heaven, but you are consigned to hell.

I am not writing arrogant words but with a humble plea.
That sin exists is beyond dispute. About that all agree.
Thousands of years of history record many of man’s fresh starts,
But only one man has ever changed the nature of our hearts.

This is the message the Bible shares, which Jesus came to effect:
God will change our wicked hearts when His gift we accept.
He will transform our life on earth; give peace at the end of our days.
We will be raised to eternal life to the glory of His praise.

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