Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Proverbs 17--Wise Words to Live By

Proverbs 17

1 Better dry bread all the days of your life
Than eating your fill in a house of strife.

2 He who is wise and serves his boss well
Will rule over all the employed personnel.

5 To insult the poor is to mock their Creator
Who settles the score sooner or later.

6 Grandkids bring joy to doting grandparents
When generational pride is readily apparent.

9 Love shines forth when forgiveness is there,
But simmering anger divides a pair.

10 Well-spoken reproofs to the wise as a rule
Works better than beating the back of a fool.

13 If you want to live in fear and dread
Repay good deeds with evil instead.

14 To pick a fight is to open the gate,
So stop your wrangling before it’s too late.

15 If you put the innocent to the sword,
Prepare to face the wrath of the Lord.

17 A friend is loyal in word and deed,
A brother who helps in time of need.

22 A cheerful spirit like medicine’s strong dose
Prevents me from living sad and morose

27 A truly wise person employs few words.
He stops to think before he is heard.

28 Even a fool is thought to be smart
If he keeps his thoughts and his mouth apart.

What wisdom Solomon has to impart
For the humble and wise to take to heart.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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