Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Power of Common Sense

Proverbs 19

O what a blessing is common sense as you walk your path each day.
Here are some proverbs Solomon gave to keep you from going astray.

1 Passion and zeal are important cogs in the wheel of success, but
Without knowledge as the top dog, zeal creates a mess.

3 Many a man has ruined his life because of his own foolish deeds.
Then he blames God for hardship and strife in his time of need.

4 If you are rich or rule from the throne, you will have many friends,
But if you are poor; going it alone, their desire for friendship ends.

8 He who loves wisdom loves his own soul. He enjoys peace within.
He who is foolish and out of control will look back on life with chagrin.

9 Nobody likes a liar, my friend. Your friendship brings only pain.
So bring your lying to a quick end if friendships you would sustain.

11 A man of discretion with self control is a very rare man indeed.
He is mature enough to forgive a soul for their foolish misdeed.

13 A son for a fool is a father’s ruin as is a quarrelsome wife.
Parents and child are not in tune with God who could change their life.

15 Lazy people sleep very well especially when they are younger.
Unless this bad habit they dispel, they will certainly suffer hunger.

17 He who has pity on the poor is one who lends to the Lord.
God will repay what he has given and add a generous reward.

19 Hot-tempered people must pay the price. You must make them face the facts.
If you rescue once, you will rescue twice because of their foolish acts.

26 Woe to the man who robs his father; encumbers his mother with debt.
With failure and trouble throughout his life, he is forever beset.

27 Learn to listen to wise instruction. From wisdom do not depart.
This is the way to preserve your life, bring peace and joy to your heart.

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