Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Coming Judgment

Jeremiah 5

The Coming Judgment
Jeremiah 5
Jeremiah became a prophet of God to speak to His unfaithful bride.
He called to the city imploring the folks to lay down their sin and pride.
This people, delivered by their great God, had now abandoned Him.
They daily lived on the precipice of time, for judgment follows sin.

Thus says the Lord to Jerusalem: “Break up your fallow ground.
If you continue to sow among thorns, your troubles will only compound.
Circumcise your hearts, O men, for my wrath will burn like fire.
Because of the weight of sin in the land, your time is about to expire.

Sound the trumpet! Raise the flag. Run to the stronghold of Zion.
From the north will come a destroyer, a fierce and mighty lion.
Put on the sackcloth, lament and wail, for judgment is at hand;
The righteous anger of the Lord will soon destroy the land.

The lion will come like a scorching wind with chariots and swift horses.
Your armies will not prevail against him who leads his powerful forces.
The purpose of the wind from the north is not to winnow or cleanse;
I will use this blistering wind to bring judgment to wicked men.”

The prophet walked throughout the city and listened at her squares.
He was searching for one honest person who treated the people fair.
Jeremiah was told, “Find one honest person, and I will forgive this city.”
Alas, the prophet could find not one. Such conduct receives no pity.

“Why should I forgive this people for whom I supplied all needs?
These are the people who gave themselves to sin and idolatry.
Like lusty stallions each went his own way seeking his neighbor’s wife.
Why should they now be so surprised to experience the pruner’s knife?”

“O house of Israel,” declares the Lord, “I am bringing a distant nation.
They will devour your flocks and herds; bring pain and separation.
They will take your sons and daughters back to their foreign lands,
But even then you won’t repent and follow My guiding hand.”

O People of God, it was true for them and it’s true for us today.
Today is the day of our salvation. Today is the day we should pray.
Let us confess our need for him and trust Him for salvation.
Help us live our remaining days in fruitful appreciation.

America is walking in peril by abandoning her God above.
She is departing from faith in the One our founding fathers loved.
Walking in sin down the same ugly path, her judgment is at hand.
Lord, help us all be bold Jeremiahs willing to share Your plan.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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