Monday, July 5, 2010

God is Calling Out to You

Jeremiah 2-3

Jeremiah heard the voice of God and felt the pain in His heart
As He remembered Judah’s love at the journey’s start.
All Israel was His holy bride sealed at Sinai’s pact,
Protected by His mighty arm from Satan’s evil attack.

“What fault did your father’s find in me? In what way did I fail?
Why did they follow worthless gods powerless to prevail?
The people forgot the way I led with a strong and loving hand
To deliver them from slavery to a prosperous, fruitful land.

I gave you a land of milk and honey which you promptly defiled
Falling in love with idolatry like a headstrong child.
The priests and scholars did not speak; the leaders didn’t care;
The prophets prophesy by Baal today. A word of truth is rare.

My people committed two terrible sins: The first is rejecting Me.
I see them practice their harlotry under every spreading tree.
They have rejected Living Water that cannot assuage their thirst.
They have abandoned their Redeemer following idols first.”

“O Judah, you are a wild donkey in her time of heat
Sniffing the winds to find the stallion she desires to meet.
You say unto a statue of stone, ‘You are god who gave me birth.’
How foolish it is to follow a god made from the stones of earth.”

Young lions trampled your cities to dust. Where have your gods been?
When the men of Egypt burned your towns, where were your gods then?
You look to the sky and fervently proclaim, ‘He is not angry with me.’
How foolish it is to deny your guilt. The evidence is plain to see.”

You are Israel’s faithless sister. You failed to learn from her sin.
You pretend to come back to me, but you are faithless within.
I’m calling now to Israel too dispersed through Assyria’s land.
Return to Me. I am your husband. Come and take my hand.”

In the same way that God called to Judah and to Israel too,
So He continues to call out today…calling out for you.
He is not willing that any should perish. He wants to save your soul.
There is no other fountain to cleanse. Only He can make you whole.

Will you listen? Will you respond? Will you come to Him today?
Time is short. The end is coming. It’s time to kneel and pray.
God is waiting to make you His child. He wants to forgive all sin.
Come to Him in faith and surrender. He will cleanse you within.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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