Monday, June 7, 2010

The Anointing of the Holy Spirit

2 Kings 2

The time had arrived for Elijah to go and meet his God this day.
To Elisha he said, “I’m leaving now. Here is where you stay.”
Elisha responded, “As the Lord lives, I will not leave you alone.
I want to go with you all the way until you are taken home.”

Elijah rolled his mantle tight; struck the Jordan with a great sound.
The waters stood both left and right; they traveled on dry ground.
Once they were over Elijah asked, “Can I bless you? Let me hear it?”
“I want to receive a double portion of the Holy Spirit.”

“You have asked a difficult thing. Here is how you will know it.
If you see me when I depart, you can be sure our God will bestow it.”
A glorious chariot suddenly appeared standing there between them.
Elisha would never forget that sight, for clearly he had seen them.

As history records Elisha received an anointing of spiritual power.
The Spirit of God rested on him bringing forth guidance each hour.
Elisha went on to serve the Lord; he was known throughout the land.
Many were the miraculous deeds manifest at his command.

In former days the Spirit rested on those whom God showed favor,
But now He lives within our hearts, a gift from our Lord and Savior.
Knowing God worked in glorious wonder when on a few He would fall,
Consider the potential in the Lord’s church with His Spirit living in all.

The Bible promises spiritual power when the Spirit comes into you.”
He enables you not to cower when the devil seeks to consume you.
The Holy Spirit gives wisdom and strength to fight the good fight each day.
He will guide your mind and heart as you kneel before God to pray.

Just as Elijah fought the good fight and passed the mantle on,
God has given us the might to fight through the night til dawn.
The Spirit of God will never leave us; His presence will ever be there
Enabling us to win the lost as we travel to heaven so fair.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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