Thursday, July 1, 2010

What Will Your Legacy Be?

2 Kings 15:1-6; 32-37; 18-20

Many kings in the North and South were very wicked men.
They fought each other and enemies without over and over again.
Thirteen ruled as kings in the North until Elisha died;
About that time Uzziah became the king of the southern tribe.

Uzziah is known to be Azariah; both names describe the man.
He did right in the sight of God but missed a part of His plan.
In the fifty-two years of his legendary reign he saw a lot of faces,
But he failed to completely remove the idolatry of the high places.

Jotham was Uzziah’s son who became a righteous king.
He rebuilt the gates on the temple wall among many other things.
Jotham conquered the Ammonites; received tribute from many places,
But like his father he failed to destroy the idolatry of the high places.

After Jotham Ahaz was king. Of evil he never tired.
He sacrificed his infant sons through Molech’s awful fire.
Defeated in war he surrendered the treasure belonging to the Lord.
Such wickedness extracts a price that no one can afford.

But after Ahaz came a king who loved God with all his heart.
He trusted the Lord in heaven above His wisdom to impart.
Hezekiah became the greatest king to rule from Judah’s throne.
His courage, faith, and integrity, we should seek to make our own.

Uzziah, Jotham and Hezekiah—three of Judah’s best leaders.
Each left a legacy of righteousness admired by Bible readers.
We too will leave a legacy from this time we have on earth,
So consider the brevity of this life and leave a legacy of worth.

We cannot change our history past, but there is time still left,
Time to refocus our life on God; to encourage, love and bless.
We can live with eternity in view remembering heaven above,
Infusing the way we talk and live by the power of Christ’s love.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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