Saturday, November 6, 2010

Striking Words of Wisdom

Proverbs 12

An intelligent man can still be stupid. Would you like to know when?
Every time he refuses correction, he starts all over again.

The worthy wife is a husband’s delight, the glory of his home.
A contentious woman doth trouble incite, she’s cancer to his bones.

The plans of the godly are just and fair; the wicked are full of deceit.
So do your business with those who care; steer clear of those who cheat.

A wise man is praised by others, perverse men are despised.
Be sure your friends are godly brothers. Perversity is not advised.

A righteous man cares for his stock. He especially loves his pet.
The man without kindness for his flock will find his Maker upset.

The industrious farmer working his land will have plenty to eat.
Hunger and the lazy dreamer are very sure to meet.

Words of wisdom and tasks not shirked will bring rewards so true.
Very few die from overwork, so don’t be a lazy fool.

Truthful words stand the test of time. Dishonesty is soon exposed.
The righteous please the Great Divine, but liars He will oppose.

A discerning man of learning will not flaunt his superior mind.
The foolish man, his pea brain churning, is never so inclined.

Even a fool if he holds his tongue will often be thought wise,
But sure as there is breath in his lungs, he will reveal his disguise.

When worry becomes a consuming fear, a man needs a special friend
To stand alongside as he perseveres from beginning to the end.

The lazy man will shoot his game but fail to prepare a meal.
God’s love for creation forever remains; how do you think He feels?

The way of the godly leads to joy that does not end with his death.
The heavenly future he will enjoy will take away his breath.

So listen dear friends, be wise to God’s Word. Joy and peace they impart.
No greater wisdom will ever be heard, so plant them deep in your heart.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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