Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Psalm Two--The King of the World

Psalm 2

Wicked Kings all over the world
Rage at the thought of God.
They plot together with insults hurled
Hating His iron rod.

“Let’s break the yoke, throw off the chains
Imposed by the Lord and His Son.”
They craftily plan and anticipate gain
Believing the battle is won.

The One who rules in heaven laughs.
He scoffs at their futile schemes.
All of their plans both present and past
Can’t stop Him from seating His king.

When Jesus died on the cruel cross.
He defeated the power of sin.
Perfection was buried but evil still lost;
For He died and then rose again.

The Son of God came forth from the tomb;
Declared to the world that He lived.
Resurrected from death’s dark room,
The throne of the world became His.

“Ask and I’ll give you all the nations.
It’s your inheritance, Son.
Rule o’er the kingdoms of all creation.
The eternal battle is won.”

Someday soon the Lord will ascend
To the throne as King from above.
Rebels and fools will go to their end
As He reigns in justice and love.

There is action to take today
As you read this Psalm so true.
Confess your sins as you kneel and pray.
Tell Him that you’ll serve Him too.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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