Thursday, August 26, 2010

Psalm 51--A Psalm of Repentance

Here is a Psalm that means much to me.
It is David repenting of sin.
With his sentiment I agree;
I have harbored sin within.

My sins, O God, are always before me;
From them I cannot depart.
Only You can set me free
From the wickedness in my heart.

I am a sinner from conception;
I don’t do righteousness well.
I was headed for a warm reception
With sinners condemned to hell.

O cleanse me, Lord; wash me with soap,
Make me whiter than snow.
In You I place my trust and hope.
To You alone I go.

Create in me a heart that’s pure.
This is my prayer; please hear it.
Grant me salvation free and sure;
Empower me by Your Spirit.

I will tell others—sinners too
About salvation’s joy.
Open my lips to declare Your praise,
My total being employ.

No amount of good works or deeds
Can bring salvation to man.
A broken spirit always precedes
Your glorious victory plan.

Thank you, Lord, for breaking me
So joy and peace You could bring.
Now I declare victoriously:
“God loves broken things.”

If you are broken and wounded today,
Call to God above.
He will hear you when you pray
And cover you with His love.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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