Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Do I Qualify for Heaven?

Psalm 15

Lord, who can live in heaven with you,
Dwell on your holy hill?
Is there something I must do
To experience Your goodwill?

“He whose walk is blameless,” You say;
“Who speaks the truth from his heart.”
But sin is present every day;
To keep God and me apart.

We’re supposed to do our neighbor no wrong
And cast no slur on others,
But I have days when I can’t get along
With my saintly mother.

Were supposed to honor those who fear God;
Be true to the oaths we swear,
Be generous to those who need our help;
Treat everyone right and square.

By now it should be as plain as day
We’re unable to live in these truths.
We’ve feasted at sin’s appealing buffet
From the earliest days of our youth.

The Bible shares the words so true
Of man’s eternal condition.
It tells us exactly what to do
To defeat our sin disposition.

Jesus came to die on the cross
To pay the price of our sin.
Perfection endured this terrible loss
To draw us near to Him

When we place our trust in Christ
Knowing His Word is true,
His death becomes our sacrifice
We’re cleansed from sin and renewed.

That’s when His Spirit comes within
To be our teacher and guide.
As we listen and learn from Him
Sin habits begin to subside.

So here’s the truth I want you to learn
God paid the price of your sin.
Your salvation cannot be earned.
You must be transformed within.

This may seem too simple for you
As though you only coast,
But if we could earn salvation true,
Our pride would make us boast.

The righteous standing we have in Christ
Comes not from deeds we’ve done.
No, we are judged holy in God’s sight
Because of God’s only Son.

Jesus died that you may receive
Salvation’s invitation.
So tell Him today that you believe
And seal your reservation.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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  1. What a great map to eternal life with God. Keep them coming!

    Pastor Ben