Friday, July 2, 2010

The Josiah Plan

2 Kings 22-23

The greatest king Judah had known was beloved King Hezekiah.
But now we come to special young man whose name was King Josiah.
In between was an evil one who reigned for fifty-five years.
Though he was Hezekiah’s son, he was evil beyond his peers.

Manasseh repented in later years and tried to change his nation,
But the evil he had performed altered its spiritual station.
His son Amon, who became king, abandoned the way of the Lord.
Two years later he was destroyed by his servant’s sword.

The people installed Josiah as king when he was but eight years old.
From his advisors wisdom would spring more precious than silver or gold.
Josiah’s leadership and reforms are chronicled in three stages.
The blessed actions he performed are recorded in these pages.

The first stage happened from age eight with guidance from his advisors.
As they taught him respect for God, he was enabled to rule wiser.
His leadership grew at age sixteen when his faith became his own.
He did not turn from right to left, nor did he from godliness roam.

Stage two began when he was twenty and nothing within him faltered.
He decided to cleanse the nation removing false gods and altars.
Jerusalem first and throughout the land his resolve the people saw,
But nothing compares to the fateful day they found the Book of the Law.

Stage three begins at age twenty-six when he ordered the temple cleansed.
Hilkiah found the Book of the Law, missing from way back when.
Josiah consulted Huldah the Prophetess to assuage his spiritual thirst.
“Because of their sin,” the prophetess said, “the land will surely be cursed.”

Now God was pleased with Josiah the king; gave him a word from the Lord:
“Before judgment falls on everything, you will go to your heavenly reward.”
Josiah called a sacred assembly to hear the words from the scroll.
The people heard how sin condemns with power to destroy their soul.

The land was put to a further purge with idol objects defiled.
The people saw the truth about sin and how its power beguiles.
The power of sin is present today in our land and across the sea.
It is to Jesus the Savior we pray for salvation to set us free.

Josiah reigned for thirty-one years; brought blessings to his nation.
He was successful because he feared the God of all creation.
You can walk with the Lord today discerning this world’s demise:
Turn to Jesus; walk in His ways. “Look up! Your redemption is nigh.”

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