Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jezebel and the End of the Road

2 Kings 10

There were many insolent kings who dismissed the Lord’s intentions—
Kings from both the North and South too numerous here to mention.
But we can remember Ahab and wife, a godless king and queen.
Ahab had died and now it was time for Jezzie to leave the scene.

Jezebel dwelt secure in the palace; her son had assumed the throne.
But up in heaven the day and time of Jezebel’s judgment was known.
Elijah had set the record straight with solemn words of candor.
The one God chose to seal her fate was Jehu, the army commander.

A prophet was sent to this chosen one to make this message known:
God had removed Jezebel’s son and given Jehu the throne.
The entire house of Ahab rebelled just as Elijah had said.
Jehu would send all of them down to the realm of the dead.

Now Jehu was a man of action known to drive quite fast.
His chariot left a cloud of dust as he went racing past.
Joram the King went out to greet him arriving at Naboth’s land.
There the son of Ahab died by an arrow from Jehu’s hand.

Jehu said to Bidkar his captain, “Leave him on Naboth’s land.
I refuse to bury the body of such a disgraceful man.
Naboth died in treachery; his blood was spilled for this lot.
Ahab’s family now will pay for Jezebel’s evil plot.”

Jezebel learned of her son’s death and knew her time was up.
Long and deep had been her drink from Satan’s evil cup.
She painted her face and dressed as a queen hoping for domination,
But Jehu stormed upon the scene not fearing intimidation.

He called out to the servants above who stood at Jezebel’s side.
“If you agree then give her a shove right through this window wide.”
They picked her up and threw her down—it’s a story gruesome to tell.
Suffice it say on that very day, Jezebel went to hell.

Seventy sons of Ahab died because of their parent’s sin.
This is not the family arrangement anyone should be in.
You’ll find no advantage for royalty when it comes to Judgment Day.
God will reveal your evil thoughts and every word you say.

But there is a Savior who died for you; the price of sin He paid.
When you place your trust in Him, you need not be afraid.
He will give you a spiritual birth; renew your spirit within,
So choose to receive new life on earth and live forever with Him.

© Copyright 2010 George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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