Friday, January 1, 2010

The Origin of Man

Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created,” a truth man placed on trial.
Considering the Bible to be outdated, he lives in confusing denial.
The scholars with all their silly schemes have left him so befuddled,
He now believes his origin began in a primeval puddle.

Once an amoeba, then a frog, we made it to monkey status--
Must not have been many leopards around, for certainly they would’ve had us.
From monkey status we evolved in various forms and stages.
The theory of evolution asserts it took a billion ages.

Many there are who believe this lie, which came by the devil’s hand.
He wants you to reject your God and ignore the Savior’s plan.
Since all truth begins with God and all of creation is His,
One must place their trust in Him believing that He is.

Reasons to believe are many, but let me share just two, for
He’s given compelling evidence to show His Word is true.
The first thought I want to cite is the argument from design.
Consider how the earth revolves around the sun on time.

If we circled the sun today just one degree too close,
This planet where we live and play would look like burned up toast.
But if the orbit was farther out even by one degree,
This frozen planet would be devoid of animal, plant or tree.
Another reason to believe is the uniqueness of the Bible,
For God recorded prophecies proven to be reliable.
As time passed they were fulfilled, not one but several hundred;
A record so astonishing it ought to make you wonder.

Where else do you find such evidence? Not in the writings of Homer,
Nor in the words of Nostradamus—some of his were boners.
Only in scripture can you find predictions that pass the test
Proving that His words of truth rise above the rest.

Consider carefully as you ponder the curious origin of man,
For it’s clear for all to see God carried out His plan.
He’s Creator, Redeemer, Sustainer Supreme,
Forgiver, Restorer, Care-giver extreme.

This loving God who created you in your mother’s womb
Has an eternal purpose beyond the grave or tomb.
He calls you now to walk with Him trusting in His care;
To live on earth sold out for Him and forever over there.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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