Monday, January 11, 2010

The Judgment of Sodom and Gomorrah

Genesis 18-19

On the plains below the Dead Sea were cities totally depraved.
Up to their ears in immoral sin, their citizens were enslaved.
They had already once been spared when Abram rescued them,
But now the patience of Almighty God was coming to an end.

Abram thought of his nephew Lot and all his family around.
He asked God to judge them not if ten righteous men were found.
God is willing to forgive and bless those who repent, but
Sodom was worthy of judgment to the fullest extent.

When the angels arrived at Sodom, Lot was at the gate.
He rose quickly from his seat, invited them to his place.
“It’s not safe to sleep in the square, let me make you a meal.
There’s more here than what you see. Listen to my appeal.”

After dinner the men of the city wanted the guests for sex.
Since the men had come to Sodom, what did they expect?
The men of Sodom, sin-demented, gathered at Lot’s door.
God struck them all with blindness so they could see no more.

Lot slipped out to his sons-in-law, warned them to leave that night,
Sadly their hearts were so corrupt, they failed to see the light.
The angels then exhorted them, holding them by the hand,
“Wake up, Lot. You must leave right now; flee this wicked land.”

They were on their way to Zoar when fire and brimstone fell.
Sodom and the plains around were changed to a living hell.
The angels had told them, “Don’t look back! Keep your eyes ahead.”
Lot’s wife turned to view the attack; instantly she was dead.

Up in the hills Abraham watched as smoke rose from the plains.
The fruitful land was blasted and torn, all its inhabitants slain.
How foolish man is to flaunt his sin before a holy God.
To claim that he is pure within, maintaining a phony fa├žade.

The Lord is coming for His church, a holy spotless bride,
A glorious church cleansed within, resisting sin’s strong tide.
We don’t know when that will be—morning, night or noon.
So we preach His grace, tell all we see; He’s coming very soon.

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