Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Enslavement of Israel and the Birth of Moses

Exodus 1-2:10

Israel lived in the land of Goshen and there they were greatly blessed.
They grew strong in power and number until they were more than the rest.
A new king arose who knew not Joseph, for he had gone to his grave.
Alarmed by their growth he strongly proposed that Israel should be their slaves.

The taskmasters drove them to produce in construction programs rigorous.
Their numbers were strong in spite of abuse, their bodies strong and vigorous.
They continued to labor in hardship and pain, working the whole day through;
Remaining a threat to the king’s domain, for their numbers actually grew.

The king told the midwives, Shiphrah and Puah, “Here is what you will do.
Be present to care for Israelite wives when they ascend to the birthing stool.
Now if the child is a little girl, she will go to her mother’s breast,
But if it is a boy that is born, the babe must be put to death.”

The midwives feared the Lord on high and ignored this invalid command.
They acted with faith and integrity in the face of his evil demand.
And so it was because they feared God, He provided a household for them.
We will see them in heaven someday, saints who were not condemned.

When Pharaoh saw his plan would not work, a new decree he gave:
In the river the males were thrown, but the females they would save.
Such were conditions in the land when a beautiful boy was born.
His parents hid him for several months with heavy hearts forlorn.

The day finally came when his cry was too loud; the secret would be revealed.
His parents made him a homemade ark for the river reeds to conceal.
The daughter of Pharaoh came to bathe and she heard the little boy cry.
Her heart was filled with love for the babe and decided he must not die.

Moses was spared a terrible fate that befell so many others.
God intended to use this boy to deliver Israeli brothers.
God has a plan for your life too. Like Moses you have a part.
So trust in the One who died for you; then serve Him with all your heart.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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