Friday, January 29, 2010

The Journey of Faith

Exodus 4

Moses drew near the bush on fire and there he received God’s call.
It wasn’t a task he deeply desired, for He didn’t feel qualified at all.
“Why should Pharaoh listen to me? How can I bring him around?”
God said, “Take the rod that’s in your hand and throw it on the ground.”

The rod he tossed became a serpent crawling through weeds and grass.
But when he grabbed it by the tail, it changed back into a staff.
Then he put his hand in his shirt; drew it back for his eyes to see.
Behold his hand was white as snow covered with leprosy.

One more time he inserted his hand and pulled it back again.
It came forth whole and strong as clean as it ever had been.
“Now if they still refuse to listen, pour water upon the land.
When the water turns to blood, they’ll know it was by My hand.”

Moses tried mightily to excuse himself from service.
He told the Lord, he didn’t speak well, especially when nervous.”
But God would send his brother, Aaron, to speak on his behalf,
Told him to go at His command and handed him the staff.

So after receiving the blessing of Jethro, they were set to depart.
It wasn’t exactly a pleasant thing in the depths of Zipporah’s heart.
When Moses sought to follow the Lord, his son to circumcise,
Zipporah called him a bloody spouse as anger flashed in her eyes.

Just then an act of grace occurred as to Egypt they drew near.
Moses rejoiced and thanked his Lord as Aaron suddenly appeared.
Aaron took Moses to Israel’s elders; he related to them the story.
They saw the signs and worshipped God giving Him the glory.

This is how the ministry began with power and wonder indeed.
As he continues this journey of faith, God will meet every need.
Now if you’re walking the road of faith and challenges bring dismay,
Persevere in prayer; trust in His grace, and in His presence stay.

If in your journey you lose your nerve, just remember this:
The God who calls His people to serve will see that they are equipped.
There will be folks like Zipporah who will be sure to call you names,
But the God of heaven, whom you serve, will ever remain the same.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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