Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wrestling with God

Genesis 32

Jacob had more than Laban to fear as he made his way to Canaan.
He knew Esau may be near with servants to restrain him.
Jacob was more than a little concerned for his family’s well being,
But he also knew this was the time to stop his history of fleeing.

Jacob prayed to His father’s God with a spirit that was humble.
He didn’t try to excuse himself, nor did he whine or grumble.
He reminded God of His promises as he came back to this land.
Trusting the Lord to go before and guide by His mighty hand.

Jacob divided all in his house into separate groups
Improving their chances to survive if attacked by Esau’s troops.
Then he sent an offering ahead with a message of conciliation
Hoping Esau would forgive and welcome affiliation.

Sending his wives across the brook, he stayed behind to pray.
The Son of God came to his camp. They wrestled til break of day.
Sometime in that wrestling match Jacob’s leg was made lame.
It served forever as a reminder of how his spirit was tamed.

Jacob was a different guy after the match that night.
He became a “Prince with God” somewhere in that fight.
No longer would Jacob be a deceiver as he lived upon this sod.
He was renamed Israel, which translates “a prince with God.”

Have you wrestled with the Lord? Have you abandoned His call?
Have you daily His voice ignored and failed to give your all?
God has wonderful plans for you, plans that will bless your soul.
Kneel before Him, surrender your heart; He will make you whole.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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