Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Sad Result of Living in Sodom

Genesis 19:30-38

The tragedy of his foolish choice has now befallen Lot.
Two of his daughters escaped with him, but sadly his wife did not.
Lot was afraid to stay in Zoar, so he went to a mountain cave.
What happened next, I’m sorry to say, was wicked and depraved.

Lot’s daughters were there, living in despair, a man they could not meet.
The ability, therefore, to preserve their line was looking very bleak.
The older daughter said to her sister, “I know how to save our line.
In order to be successful, we’ll have to give Daddy wine.”

The oldest gave Lot much wine to drink until he was intoxicated.
Then she went in to lie with him, and a baby they created.
The second daughter followed suit in this evil degradation.
Both had been taught to abandon truth by Sodom’s dissipation.

It makes me sad to see our nation accept immoral distinction.
Unless we repent and change our ways, we’re headed for sure extinction.
TV productions and motion pictures, which encourage illicit sex
Glorify the very behavior God said to reject.

There is a reason Lot and daughters learned to live this way:
Lot had failed to renew his devotion to his God each day.
Everyone wonders just how and when the devil finally got ‘em?”
Sadly, my friend, it all began the day they moved to Sodom.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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