Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Noah and the Flood

Genesis 6-9

By the time Noah was born, the sin condition was bad.
There was wickedness all around making God’s heart sad.
Jehovah regretted making man and placing him on the earth,
For evil flourished in every clan, grew stronger with each new birth.

God decided to cleanse the world of man and his sin disposition, but
Noah and family would be spared because of their spiritual condition.
God summoned Noah, spoke to his heart; gave him a strong commission
Telling him how to build an ark for a very specific mission.

“Build it 450 feet long and its width shall be 75 feet.
If you make it 45 high, the blueprints you shall meet.
Prepare it inside with three strong decks, store up plenty of food,
Make sure you build some living space for your loved ones too.”

Noah listened and obeyed his God. He did what had been commanded.
As he built he preached to man with warnings severe and candid.
Shortly after the boat was built, God sent animals two by two.
Noah moved his family in aware man’s time was through.

As Noah’s family walked the ramp, many laughed at them,
And just before the lightning flashed, the Lord God shut them in.
Right then upon the seventh day, the rain began to fall,
The fountains of the deep broke forth til water covered all.

For forty days and through the nights, the rains continually fell.
There was safety inside the ark but outside was living hell.
All flesh died that lived on earth, every animal and creeping thing.
Even the mountains were submerged, couldn’t see a living thing.

For forty days and forty nights rain fell upon the boat.
They spent one hundred fifty more while in the ark afloat.
Finally that day arrived when all could leave the ark.
Man and animals came outside to give the world a new start.

God blessed Noah and his sons, gave them laws to guide.
He promised that water never again would be a killing tide.
Whenever it rains, we need not fear. This is how we know:
God reminds us we are safe every time we see a rainbow.

Centuries later God helped again, sent us another ark.
Jesus became the ark of salvation, if only we take part.
Are you in the ark of safety? Have you trusted Jesus alone?
This is how to be forgiven and assured of a heavenly home.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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