Friday, January 15, 2010

The Account of Esau and Jacob

Genesis 25

God’s provision continued to flow as Isaac led the clan.
The scripture records God’s rich blessing resting on this man.
Nineteen years of marriage flew by, but Rebecca had not conceived.
Isaac cried out in prayer to the Lord who lovingly granted his plea.

At first Rebecca did not know that she was carrying twins,
But even before the two were born, they were fighting within.
God revealed a surprising fact that gave her cause to wonder:
In the providence of His plan, the older would serve the younger.

Sure enough they continued to fight through the long ordeal.
Even as Esau emerged from the womb, Jacob was grasping his heel.
Esau was born a hairy boy whose complexion was quite red.
He became an outdoor guy, but Jacob stayed home instead.

Each of the boys had great skills preferred by one of their parents.
Isaac loved the meat Esau brought for reasons quite apparent.
Rebecca discerned Jacob’s gifts as he worked among the tents.
A strong ambition to rise to the top clearly was Jacob’s intent.

One day Jacob cooked some stew. It simmered over the fire.
Esau returned from hunting game famished and very tired.
“Feed me some of your stew tonight. I’m way too tired to cook.”
But Jacob hatched a devious plan. Then he set the hook.

“Sure, I’ll feed you here right now, but it will come with a price.
I will give this pot of stew if you give up your birthright.”
Esau said, “I’m gonna die anyway; whatever you want I’ll pay.”
So Jacob coerced him to swear away his birthright on that day.

Esau and Jacob’s behavior was wrong. They were guilty in God’s sight.
For little more than a dance and a song, Esau sold his birthright.
Having adopted a deficient perspective; he became a spiritual despiser,
But Jacob achieved his desired objective as a cunning, cruel conniver.

So far their lives are less than stellar, but there is an explanation:
God would allow some suffering to establish character formation.
God envisions the finished product each time that He sees us
Using experiences that come with time to make us more like Jesus.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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