Monday, January 25, 2010

Joseph Meets His Brothers

Genesis 42-46

Joseph was thirty when he took power.
He wasted no time in an ivory tower.
He immediately began an ambitious plan
To store up grain in the seven-year span.

The prophesied famine affected all lands.
The people came with their sacks in hand.
Think how cruel would be their fate
If Joseph weren’t there to administrate.

Israel, the elder who lived up North
Called his sons and sent them forth.
Because of the danger they were in
He held back his youngest, Benjamin.

Imagine Joseph’s shock and surprise
When his brothers appeared before his eyes.
Joseph, who knew how God intervenes,
Suddenly remembered his childhood dream.

He said to the ten, “If you’re not spies,
Then one will remain til the others arrive.”
The brothers, convicted by their deed,
Had no option except to agree.

Their sadness changed to total dismay
When later they stopped to camp that day.
There among the grain in the pack
Each brother found his money sack.

Their home life now was in disarray.
With famine severe, they couldn’t stay,
Yet great was their fear about going back
Because of the money found in their packs.

Finally their father heard their voice
Acknowledging there was no other choice
He sent double the money and Benjamin
Pleading with God to return him again.

They came to Joseph deathly afraid
Telling the steward a mistake had been made.
Joseph was gracious when they arrived
He even asked if their dad was alive.

Joseph soon saw his younger brother,
The other son of Rebecca, their mother.
The joy he experienced was so sweet,
He ran to his chambers to privately weep.

When at last they sat down to eat
Five times as much fell at Benjamin’s feet.
Laughing one joked, “He really likes Ben.”
The others joined in saying, “Amen.”

Once more they left with sacks filled up,
But in Benjamin’s sack was Joseph’s cup.
They, of course, could not know
That Joseph didn’t want them to go.

At the close of this incident
Joseph decided to relent
Revealing that he was their brother,
The offspring of Jacob and their mother.

“Don’t be grieved because of your deed,
For God brought me here to meet your need.
This famine still has five years to go.
Go get our father. Here you will grow.”

Now Pharaoh was pleased to hear the report
How Joseph’s brothers had come to his court.
“Send for your father, bring all that you can;
To them I will give the best of our land.”

Note how God used a terrible decision
To become a source of Israel’s provision.
Now that you’ve seen what God can do
Remember this truth: He loves you too!

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