Saturday, January 23, 2010

From Prison to the Palace

Genesis 41

Joseph remained imprisoned until Pharaoh had a dream.
Up from the river came seven fat cows followed by seven lean.
The cows all stood on the river bank. Suddenly there was a change.
The malnourished cows ate the fat in a dream scene very strange.

Then Pharaoh had a second dream with a similar theme highlighted.
Seven plump heads of grain came up followed by seven blighted.
The seven blighted consumed the plump—in a moment they disappeared.
Pharaoh awoke a troubled grump. There was something about it he feared.

He called for the wise men of his kingdom and his supreme magicians.
They were unable to interpret the dream deficient in spiritual cognition.
Then the butler remembered Joseph working in the prison. He said,
“I know a man who can interpret dreams with certainty and precision.”

They brought Joseph from the dungeon, gave him a chance to get clean;
Then they brought him before the king so he could interpret the dream.
Joseph said, “It’s not in me. It’s God who interprets these dreams.
Tell me now just what you saw so we can learn what it means.

The king told Joseph about the cows, how the lean ones ate the fat.
He also told him about the grain saying, “How do you interpret that?
I shared these dreams with my magicians, but no one could explain.
They were unable to grasp these dreams that feature cows and grain.”

Immediately Joseph had the answer: “The two dreams are but one.
There will be seven years to be blessed, then seven of famine will come.
This dream did not come to frighten you, nor was it sent to harass.
There is a reason you dreamed it twice, for soon it will come to pass.”

“Here, O King, is what you need; what I think God wants you to do:
Appoint a wise and trustworthy man to prepare the kingdom for you.
In the seven years of plenty, he shall retain a healthy reserve.
Then in the famine years that follow your kingdom will be preserved.

The king responded with these words: “There are none as wise as you.
I therefore appoint you over all Egypt my kingdom and people to rule.”
Joseph knelt before the king, his duties and authority explained.
Thus Joseph was raised to power and glory just as God ordained.

Do not believe God loves you less than all His children before.
God has a plan for all of us with eternal rewards in store.
If you doubt God’s love for you because of hardship or malice,
Please remember how God raised Joseph from prison to the palace.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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