Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Transformation in the Wilderness

Exodus 2

Pharaoh’s daughter adopted the babe and hired his mom as a nurse.
And though he grew up in Pharaoh’s home, he was an Israeli first.
When young Moses became a man he observed the burdened Israelis.
It didn’t take long to see first hand the injustice inflicted daily.

There was an occasion when Moses saw an Egyptian beating a slave.
Looking both ways the prince responded by killing the evil knave.
He buried the Egyptian in the sand, turned and walked away.
He attempted to calm two countrymen on the very next day.

The fighting Hebrews shouted out as he tried to make them stop,
“Are you going to kill us too like you made the Egyptian drop?”
Moses was startled to hear the remark. He didn’t know it was known.
A target of Pharaoh’s murderous rage, he fled his palatial home.

Moses escaped from Pharaoh’s wrath and came to a distant land.
There at the well some maidens came to water their flock by hand.
The local bullies came to the trough and began to chase them away,
But Moses put a stop to that and helped them water that day.

The daughters of Reuel returned to their father telling him the story.
They told how Moses saved their day showering him with glory.
The father said, “Go get the man before we sit down to bread.”
And that is how Moses married his wife and lived in Midian instead.

The desert has been a special place when God prepares a servant.
From the desert the Baptist came forth with a message strong and fervent.
Jesus went to the desert as well defeating Satan’s temptation.
The desert was where the Apostle Paul received his revelation.

Perhaps you feel that you are hidden in a place you would rather not be.
You feel your plans have been overridden, a future you do not see.
Remember this when you complain of the place where you’ve been drafted:
The desert and wilds of the wilderness is where godliness is crafted.

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