Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Isaac’s Early Years

Genesis 21-22

When Abraham reached one hundred years, Sarah gave birth to a boy.
They named their baby Isaac because he brought such joy.*
Abraham loved his promised son, threw a great feast when weaned,
But Ishmael mocked the little boy creating quite a scene.

Sarah demanded that Hagar leave even though it seemed unfair.
Isaac was the child of promise, the only legitimate heir.
Abraham was greatly distressed, for he loved Ishmael too.
God assured him this plan was best, for Sarah’s words were true.

So Abraham rose early next morn and gathered sufficient provision.
Then he told Hagar his heart was torn, but this was his decision.
Hagar and Ishmael left their tent afraid they were facing death, But
God came to Hagar, whose heart was rent, promising Ishmael to bless.

From Abraham’s sons two nations were born destined to fight and hate.
God had promised heirs for them, but they didn’t have faith to wait.
They decided to solve their problem by taking a second wife.
Never could they have imagined centuries of war and strife.

As Abraham grew in his walk with God, the Lord kept stretching his faith.
He sent him up to Moriah, a sacrifice to make.
He saddled the donkey, split the wood, and called his son half-grown.
Isaac prefigured the sacrifice that someday would be shown.

When they arrived Isaac asked, “Father, where’s the lamb?”
Abraham said, “God will provide. We’ve placed it in His hands.”
Abraham tearfully built the altar, placed upon it his son.
He lifted his knife to slay the child and then the deed would be done.

Just then the Angel of the LORD, the pre-incarnate Christ
Called to him from heaven above, “Stop this sacrifice.”
Abraham looked and saw a ram entangled by its horns.
He foreshadowed the sacrifice of the One with the crown of thorns.

Moriah became a special place because of what God had done.
It was the place where God foreshadowed the death of his only Son.
“Jehovah Jireh” Abraham named it for the God who provides your needs.
He always has a ram in the thicket when His will we heed.

Now here’s the lesson; don’t forget it. Its message is strong and true:
The Heavenly Father gave His Son as a sacrifice just for you.
Jesus, our Lord, who died on the cross with all its agony and pain,
Was willing to suffer at such great cost your salvation to gain.

* Isaac means “laughter.” His birth brought joy and fulfillment to Abraham and Sarah

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