Monday, January 4, 2010

Cain’s Wasted Life

Genesis 4

Adam and Eve left the Garden never to live there again.
For hundreds of years they would remember how things once had been.
The entrance to the beautiful garden by an angel was sealed.
Adam now lived a much harder life toiling in the field.

God was faithful, forgiving their sin; all was not forlorn.
They pressed on following Him and soon two sons were born.
Both of them chose a vocation, learning to do their part,
But when it came to respecting God, Cain had a stubborn heart.

Adam taught both his boys about the worship God planned,
And how it required a sacrifice that foreshadowed salvation’s plan.
Abel respectfully brought a lamb showing he was devout.
Cain showed little respect for God’s plan not caring what it was about.

God accepted Abel’s gift, but Cain’s was quickly rejected.
God warned Cain of sin’s intent and said he should not accept it.
But Cain allowed his anger to boil, with evil he was filled;
In senseless rage he attacked. That’s how Abel was killed.

Later when God confronted Cain, he responded with a pout.
God said to him, “Why do you lie? Your brother’s blood cries out!
You can no longer till this soil. Plenty is changed to dearth.
You shall become a vagabond wandering across this earth.”

The Lord God put a seal on Cain so he would not be killed.
His was a life lived in vain, miserable and unfulfilled.
Instead of showing honor to God, he chose to fight and yell.
His choices led to murderous sin and the road that leads to hell.

What is learned from this passage today? What should be our reaction?
Don’t let anger lead you astray; be godly in all your actions.
The spirit of Cain is the sin of rebellion, a type of sin’s strong leaven,
But if you surrender your all to Christ, you’ll live with Him in heaven.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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