Monday, January 18, 2010

Woman Trouble

Genesis 30

Jacob arrived at Laban’s home where he was greeted with joy.
Laban confirmed for all to hear that he was Rebecca’s boy.
After he had visited for a month, they decided he should stay.
Laban said, “You’ll work for me, what should be your pay?

Jacob fell in love with Rachael; desired her for his own.
He would work to marry her and take her to his home.
They agreed on seven years as the appropriate pay.
So great was Jacob’s love for her, it seemed only a matter of days.

After the seven years had passed, it was time for the wedding feast.
Never did it occur to him that he could be felled by deceit.
Jacob, who embraced deception to steal Esau’s birthright,
Experienced now the cost of deception after his wedding night.

When confronted, Laban explained why he practiced deception:
“The younger cannot marry first and receive a favorable reception.
So honor Leah as your wife in this week-long celebration,
Then I will also give you Rebecca to soothe this situation.”

Jacob labored seven more years and children were born to him,
But multiple wives and concubines created conditions grim.
There was jealousy all around and many folks were sad;
There were children from too many wives calling Jacob dad.

If God had planned multiple wives, there would have been multiple Eves.
When one sets out to practice deception, deception is what he receives.
Until now Jacob was clear from the misery he had sown,
But now the seed of his past conniving was harvested in his home.

As we read about this man and the lessons that he learned,
Let us fully understand that truth is not to be spurned.
Let us open the Word of God as wisdom the Spirit imparts;
Let us live before the world with humble, devoted hearts.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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