Friday, January 22, 2010

Joseph Prospers in Jail

Genesis 39-40

Now Joseph was a handsome guy who had his life together.
One day Potiphar’s trophy wife decided she liked him better.
Day by day she pestered him to satisfy her desire;
When he refused to yield to sin, it raised an unreasonable ire.

Shortly thereafter she planned a time when they would be alone.
The household servants were away; only Joseph was home.
She found young Joseph, clung to his coat, asking him to comply.
Joseph left his coat in her hands as he attempted to run outside.

We’ve heard the proverb often shared about a woman scorned.
In the mind of this unfaithful wife a devious plan was formed.
She called the household men inside and made a false accusation.
Joseph was then hauled off to prison without an investigation.

Once again Joseph achieved because the Lord was with him.
He soon impressed the jail boss with his gift of administration.
Faithfully he rose to the task performing his work with pride.
That is how he came to know the butler and baker inside.

Each of these men once served the king and each was intensely sad.
Each needed hope in which to cling, for their situation was bad.
While in prison they experienced a dream but had no interpretation.
Joseph said he knew the God who would give them clarification.

To the butler Joseph said, “It’s time for you to cheer up.
In three more days you will be back to guarding Pharoah’s cup.”
Now to the baker Joseph said, “Your integrity has been shoddy.
There is a plan to remove your head and hang the rest of your body.”

Sure enough it came to pass and the baker soon was dead.
However, the butler was released to resume his duties instead.
But though he promised earnestly to see what he could do,
Joseph waited days upon end, but he never did come through.

Here is a lesson we can learn as we live our life each day.
The first thing to do in life’s situations is to kneel and pray.
Human friends with good intentions often cannot prevail,
But we can trust an omnipotent God who never ever fails.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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