Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Get Out of the Comfort Zone

I tried to walk with God by faith
Knowing life was not mine to own,
But testing would come and make me face
The security of my comfort zone.

"I'll live for you both day and night;
I'll serve you in the way;"
But trials would come, push back the light
And I would go astray.

I would read about heroes of faith
Who walked their earthly life
With grace reflecting on their face
God's power for the fight.

I would say, "I'll be like that;
My resolve I’ll hone."
But when opposition blew away my peace,
I flew to my comfort zone.

I'd say to myself in a moment of joy,
"This is it. I will be strong."
But trickery would show a brand new ploy
And all my peace was gone.

I struggled alone with pain and fear,
No relief could I find.
No solution, no way to clear
These fears of every kind.

Then one day, on went the light--
The truth came shining through.
His Word flooded my soul so bright,
I knew what I had to do.

I knelt in prayer and said to God,
"I'll trust You and obey."
I felt His assurance so sweet and strong,
His peace had come to stay.

"What about you, dear friend of mine?
Are you lethargic, dull, and alone?
Do you sense that now is the time
To get out of your comfort zone?"

Could it be that God is calling you
To adventure and paths unknown?
But you're frozen in fear, still afraid
Cause you're trapped in your comfort zone?

Faith has rewards we all can know
When we stifle our sighs and groans,
When we lay down our life and let it all go,
When we abandon our comfort zone.

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