Monday, February 1, 2010

Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh

Exodus 5-7

Finally that day arrived when they stood before Egypt's king.
They told him about Israel's God explaining everything.
Pharaoh was an arrogant fool unwilling to let them go.
He scoffed at the very thought of a God who cared about Israel.

An angry Pharaoh made life tough for the people making bricks.
He took away the straw he supplied to make them strong and thick.
The workers scattered throughout the land to obtain the straw and stubble.
With hardship increasing they blamed Moses for causing all the trouble.

Moses returned to the Lord and said, “I've done all I can.
Is there something that I missed when You told me about Your plan?”
The Lord replied to Moses then, “Tell them I've heard their cry.
All that I promised to Abraham, I will surely supply.”

In the midst of these brutal trials, God sent them to Pharaoh again.
He gave the words to Aaron to speak to the hearts of men.
As Aaron spoke he threw down his staff; it turned into a snake,
But this the magicians in Pharaoh's court were able to duplicate.

Now Satan is never equal to God and clearly that's a fact,
For Aaron's rod pursued and ate all the magician's staffs.
Next Aaron's rod stretched oer the Nile turning the waters red
Followed by frogs that covered the land, even in their beds.

Once again the magicians of Pharaoh duplicated the feat,
But in all the houses of the land there was no relief.
In response to Pharaoh's plea, Moses prayed the frogs would die.
A few days later piles of frogs sent stench into the skies.

Sadly these miracles didn't prevail in the depths of Pharaoh's soul.
His folly is a message for all who live under sin's control.
If you respond to the Spirit of Grace by forsaking sin's dark land.
You'll be set free from sin's disgrace and kept by His mighty hand.

© Copyright George M. Cuff, All Rights Reserved

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