Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Solemn Message about the Christian Lifestyle

2 Samuel 5-6

After Ishbosheth had died, David united the tribes.
He became king at their request, not by intrigue or bribes.
Fifteen years after Samuel’s anointing, David was king of Judah.
Then after seven additional years he became Israel’s ruler.

Forty years he sat on the throne as Israel’s greatest king.
A warrior, musician, a statesman too—he was all of these things.
He moved his throne from Hebron to Zion nevermore to roam.
Then he set out to reclaim the ark and prepare for it a home.

In the course of building the kingdom he was often at war.
Their enemies attacked again and again just as they had before.
But David listened to his God, received instructions clear.
That is why the Philistines are no longer here.

When he brought the ark back home, he overlooked instruction.
Because he ignored the protocol, it brought about death and destruction.
The ark was loaded on a cart pulled by oxen stout.
When the oxen stumbled on the road, the ark began to fall out.

Uzzah, the son of Abinadab, reached out to prevent its fall.
His motives were good but his action was a violation of the Law.
The ark was constructed skillfully; attached were rings with holes.
The Levites alone were to transport the ark by inserting wooden poles.

There is a lesson we all must learn about God’s relation to man.
We don’t approach our holy God by human will and plan.
He is Creator and sovereign Lord, gracious in every respect,
But if you choose to ignore His will, your efforts He will reject.

God had given a strong command about how to transport the ark.
David failed to obey His plan with consequence chilling and stark.
It is important every day to acknowledge God on His throne.
Remember that the Bible says, “You are not your own.”

When you placed your trust in Christ as Lord and Savior Supreme,
You weren’t set free from judgment by law to become a libertine.
Yes, God freed us from slavery to sin when He paid the greatest price,
But we are free to become a slave to the righteousness of Christ.

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