Monday, May 31, 2010

Six Wicked Kings of the North

The details of the Bible account now shift to the kings of the North.
We see Nadab, the second king, whose reign was very short.
He was supplanted as the king after two short years.
At Baasha’s hand all his descendents totally disappeared.

Baasha reigned for twenty-four years as wicked as those before him.
Because he walked in terrible sin it was impossible to ignore him.
God told Jehu, the faithful prophet, that he should condemn the king.
Thus it happened in spite of his might that Baasha lost everything.

After Baasha, Elah was crowned. He liked to indulge in liquor.
The depth of his father’s terrible sin only brought judgment quicker.
Zimri, one of his trusted commanders, went in and struck him down.
Just as Jehu’s prophecy said, he left none of the family around.

Zimri took control of the court obtaining the throne by deception.
When all of Israel heard the report he received a cool reception.
Omri, now the commander of troops, went after the treasonous liar.
Zimri defiantly burned the king’s house and died in the terrible fire.

What followed next was war within by supporters of two main guys.
Half of the people supported Tibni to Omri’s great surprise.
This meant war for six long years with the nation clearly divided.
Eventually Omri did prevail and on the throne he resided.

Omri reigned for twelve more years. He was a competent fellow,
But when it came to idolatry, he was clearly a mellow fellow.
He lived in sin as the kings before him with idols of every kind
Provoking the Lord to anger by his acceptance of all the shrines.

Finally Omri slept with his fathers and if you think he was bad,
The throne was passed for twenty-two years to his son, Ahab.
Ahab was married to a wife whose name was Jezebel.
The depravity of this woman’s heart is too terrible to tell.

We can see that Israel failed in just about every respect.
But due to the wickedness of their kings, there was little to expect.
Nadab, Baasha, Elah and Zimri, Omri and Ahab too
Turned the northern nation of Israel into a godless zoo.

Righteousness exalts a nation but sin brings certain disgrace.
Israel needed to bend her knee, repent, and seek God’s face.
We should remember this Bible account and soberly take it to heart,
For righteous behavior will hold us together but sin will tear us apart.

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