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The Closing Chapters of David's Life

The Closing Chapters of David’s Life
2 Samuel 21-24

Forty years David reigned as Israel’s greatest king.
Though he was a man of war, he would also compose and sing.
Many of the Psalms we enjoy were written by his hand.
Everything that David did, he did on a scale grand.

After the death of Absalom, the Bible records much more.
Continuing battles with Philistines and their giants four.
Ishi-benob, a son of the giant, had David out on a limb,
But Abishai (a BISH a eye), David’s friend, came to rescue him.

After that the Israelite Army refused to let the king fight.
What good is it to have an army but lose their guiding light?
David no longer was in the front lines to battle man to man,
But he was active in giving direction for the battle plans.

There was another battle at Gab with the giant Saph.
Sibbecai (SIB uh kie) sent this terrible foe down his ancestor’s path.
Then there was a third big man, another Goliath by name.
Elhanan stepped up to the fight and the results were just the same.

Finally giant number four was located over in Gath.
Having six fingers and six toes helped him with his math.
He insulted Israel’s God with dreams of impressing others,
But he was killed by Jonathan, the son of David’s brother.

The Bible tells of mighty men with details we must convey.
Josheb-Basshebeth killed eight hundred in a single day.
Eleazor, one of the three, in battle would not retreat.
His hand was frozen to the sword and the Philistines suffered defeat.

There are many more to list but space does not permit.
One brave soldier killed a lion deep in a snowy pit.
Read your Bible and be impressed about their faithful service.
No wonder the enemies of the king were understandably nervous.

David had a lapse of judgment about which there is consensus
He disappointed God above when he chose to commission a census.
The reason for this sinful deed was David’s human pride,
Cause believers don’t trust in human hands but in the Lord abide.

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