Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Kingdom is Split

1 Kings 12

Because of sin in Solomon’s life God called for his attention.
Pagan wives and idolatry signaled sin’s ascension.
Solomon needed to turn around, restore his communion with God,
He needed to heed God’s Holy Word as his life-measuring rod.

One of the enemies God raised up was an official named Jeroboam.
You will see his prominence in more of these scripture poems.
He would be given ten of the tribes because of Solomon’s sin,
But God preserved Solomon’s son with two tribes given to him.

There was a prophet, Ahijah by name, who was wearing a brand new robe.
The fact that he tore it into twelve pieces was a sight to behold.
He said to Jeroboam that day, “Of the twelve tribes God gives you ten,
He will give you the Northern Kingdom and you will be king to them.”

Remembering the promise made to David, God kept the southern tribes.
Rehoboam would be enthroned to lead them and to guide.
Jeroboam received God’s word to rule as his heart desired.
The books of Kings and Chronicles tell us what then transpired.

There is much more about Solomon’s reign we will see in a later book,
But here in the record of 1 Kings we get a summary-type look.
When Solomon died the throne was split just as the prophet proclaimed.
The Biblical record now reports on each of the kingdom reigns.

Rehoboam was a fool who ignored his father’s advisors.
He listened to counsel from his peers whom he deemed much wiser.
Treating his subjects with contempt he sought to conscript more slaves.
When they rose up and killed the slave leader, Rehoboam ran away.

Jeroboam emerged from hiding to lead the tribes of the north.
The Scriptures tell of both the kingdoms switching back and forth.
First it tells about the king who led the Southern tribes.
Then it will tell about the North and the idolatry it prescribed.

Jeroboam failed in faith afraid his kingdom would fall
Because the temple in the South wasn’t available to all.
He erected golden calves in the cities of Bethel and Dan.
That was the beginning of idolatry practiced throughout the land.

God desired to bless the new king. He wanted him to succeed,
But even from the very beginning Jeroboam failed to heed.
Here is a lesson for all today, which produces a better fate:
We must remember to trust our Lord and live a life of faith.

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